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Expert introduction

2006--Yan, Herong

Prof. Yan, Herong, male, born in 1963, received his B.S. degree in Engineering from Jiangsu Institute of Technology (now the Jiangsu University) and has been granted with the Special Government Allowance from the State Council since 2006. He is now the Vice Chairman of Plant Protection Machinery Committee of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, the Vice Chairman of Plant Protection Equipment and Application Technology Committee of China Society of Plant Protection, and the Secretary-General of Subcommittee on Plant Protection Equipment and Cleaning Machinery of Technical Committee 201 on Agricultural Machinery of Standardization Administration of China.

He has long been engaged in the theory research, technology development and product development and design of plant protection machinery, with solid theoretical attainment and rich experience in research and design. As the project leader or main participant, he has undertaken and completed a lot of national and ministerial projects such as Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development, Chinese National Programs for Science and Technology Development, Agriculture Science Technology Achievement Transformation Fund Program, and International Science & Technology Cooperation Program of China, and he has obtained a number of scientific achievements with international advanced level or leading domestic level. In addition, he also presided over and participated in the development of national standards and industry standards related to plant protection machinery. He has won a Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, a First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education respectively, a Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and other science and technology progress awards, published many papers, and obtained several national patents.

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