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Expert introduction

2004--Huang Xiao’ou

Prof. Huang Xiao’ou, born in April 1947, graduated from Jilin University of Technology (now Jilin University), and studied in the UK from 1981 to 1983. He has been a professor and the former Director of Institute of Surface Engineering and technology of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, President of China Surface Engineering Association, President and Secretary General of the Thermal Spray Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, and the Chairman of 2007 International Thermal Spray Conference in Beijing, and he has been granted with the Special Government Allowance of the State Council since 2004.

He has been engaged in researches in surface engineering and thermal spray technology and undertaken a number of national and ministerial projects for which he were awarded, for example, Development of the Application of the Wear Resistant Build-up Welding Plowshare Technology in Sandy Soil which won the Third Prize granted by Department of Machinery Industry, Complete Technology of Mold Surface Hardening and Repair Welding which won the National 9th Five-Year Excellent Achievement Prize in China Machinery Industry Science and Technology. The technology 300,000 Kilowatts of Thermal Power Generating Unit Stellite Alloy Build-up Welding Valve has reached the level of that developed by Alstom Company of France. The developed Research on Light Alloy Substrate Surface Wear-resistant Materials and Process Application and the LHVOF Spray Process on Long Diameter Ball Valve Surface and other projects provided long life, low-cost sets of key technologies for China’s energy, chemicals, mold, power plants, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries. In addition, he developed three sets of simulation and test machine Static/Dynamic Simulation and Test Machine for Zinc and Aluminum Liquid Erosion of Sink Roller/Stable Roll Coating, Dynamic Simulation and Test Machine for Furnace Roller Accumulated Burl, and Dynamic Simulation and Test Machine for Mold which were newly developed in China and pioneers in the world. He has successfully bid to host the 2007 Beijing International Thermal Spray Conference, which was held in a developing country for the first time. With over 50 papers published in international conferences and domestic and international science and technology journals in recent years, he also served as the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Thermal Spray Technology and Chinese Yearbook of Thermal Spray (2003 Edition). For all his achievements, he is a well-known expert in surface engineering and technology.

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