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Expert introduction

2002--Zhao, Huaping

Prof. Zhao, Huaping, Ph.D. advisor, was born on 1955. He got his Master degree from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, and has been honoring the government special allowance of the State Council since 2002. He now serves as the director of Institute of Mechanical and Electrical of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences.

He has been engaged in the research, product development and application and popularity of technology on mechanical and electrical integration, as well as instrument and meter, with profound achievement in the detection technology of agricultural products. The national level projects he assumed mainly include the high-tech industrialization project “high-tech industrialization demonstration project of grain storage complete control devices” of the State Planning Commission, the National “11th Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program research and development of rapid detection technology instrument for of agricultural products quality, the saline-alkali soil underground pipe alkali improving and ecological recovery technology development and application and other major projects, National 863 program key technologies research and equipment development for precision agriculture, research and development of digital accurate control system for domestic large-scale irrigation equipment and intelligent precision spraying machine, research and development of precision agriculture intelligent variable operation equipment, etc. He has got two second and one third ministerial-level awards, four national invention patents, and has published 12 academic papers.

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