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2001--Fang, Xianfa

Prof. Fang, Xianfa, born in 1963, is a Doctoral Advisor, Professor and Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences. He received his Ph.D. degree in Engineering from China Agricultural University. He was granted with the Special Government Allowance from the State Council since 2001. In addition, he is a Board member of the Section of Plant Section of International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR), a Board member of Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (CSAE) and Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM), an adjunct professor of China Agricultural University, the Chief Expert in agricultural machinery field of the Expert Group on Science and Technology Entering Farm Household Projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, the evaluation expert of engineering construction projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, bidding evaluation expert of engineering construction projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, and state registered consulting (investment) engineer.

He has been mainly engaged in technology research and technology development strategy research in agriculture mechanization and agricultural engineering. The projects he has undertaken and completed are, national 9th Five Year key program Moderate Scale Operation Equipment Development and Key Equipment for Deep Processing of Agricultural and Sideline Products, national 10th Five-Year key program Key Technology in Precision Agriculture Research and Application, Key Technologies and Complete Sets of Equipment of Rice Dryer” of the State Planning Commission (now the National Development and Reform Commission), 11th Five-Year Chinese National Natural Science Foundation “Non-breaking Maize Harvesting Technology and Equipment of Ministry of Science and Technology, National 11th Five-Year key program New Agricultural Equipment Localization Planning & Policies” of the National Development and Reform Commission, 11th Five-Year Key Program for Science and Technology Agricultural Equipment Scientific and Technological Innovation and Industrial Development Strategy Research of the Ministry of Agriculture and State Forestry Administration, Independent Innovation Strategy Research of Equipment Manufacturing Industry of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Support and Protection System for Agriculture in China under WTO rules of the Agricultural Bureau of Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee. Prof. Fang’s research achievements include a Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, two First Prizes, four Second Prizes and five Third Prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress at ministerial level, over 30 papers, and 4 monographs.

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