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Expert introduction

2000-- Yang, Bingnan

Professor and master supervisor Yang, Bingnan, male, born in 1962, received his B.S. degree in Agricultural Machinery Design and Manufacturing from Jilin University of Technology in 1984, and Master degree in Agricultural Engineering from College of Engineering, China Agricultural University in 2006. He has been granted with the Special Government Allowance from the State Council since 2000, and is currently the Director of Department of Science and Technology Industry Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS), the expert of processing equipment of National Potato Industry Technology Systems, the National Registered Consulting Engineer, and the National Registered Mechanical Engineer.

He has been engaged in product development, and application and promotion of new technologies of agricultural machinery. The national level projects he undertaken mainly include Research and Development on Potato Comprehensive Processing Technology and Complete Set of Equipment from “10th Five-Year” Major Science and Technology Project, Ring-gap Expanding Machine with Quality Adjustment for New Forage from the early special fund of Industrialization by National Development and Reform Commission, and Combined Food Drying Technology and Equipment with Low Energy Consumption from Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development, for which he has received two first prizes, two second prizes, a third prize from ministerial scientific and technological progress.

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