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1994-- Liu, Zelin

Professor Liu, Zelin, male, born in 1952, received his B.S. degree in engineering from Beijing Agricultural and Mechanical College and was granted with the Special Government Allowance from the State Council since 1994. He is currently the Deputy Chief Engineer of CAAMS, President and General Manager of Prominion Publishing Co., Ltd., Executive Director of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, Vice Director of China Science Writers' Association, Vice Director of the China Editology Society for Science Periodicals, Director of the Beijing Editology Society for Science Periodicals, Director of Chinese Society for Research in Popular Periodicals, Vice Director of the Science and Technology Journal Branch of Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism, and Executive Director of China Periodicals Association.

He has long been engaged in researches on editing and publication, academic exchanges, and popular science theory of scientific journals, actively explored the road to reform newspapers and periodicals, and made significant achievements in the scale-intensive journal management and personnel training. As a pioneer and the major person in charge, he has successfully presided over the foundation of the Auto Driving & Service, Construction Machinery & Maintenance, Commercial Vehicle, Car Owners, Car Market Guide, TopGear, Nexxt Digital and other science and technology journals since 1990. He has become the academic leader in the field of scientific journal publications, enjoying a high reputation in domestic science and technology journals domain. He has been named the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Youth of the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry, the Advanced Workers of National Science and Technology Newspapers, Advanced Individual in construction of spiritual civilization of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, one of the Second National Top 100 publishing workers, advanced workers of the national popular science, advanced individual of the Beijing Press and Publication Copyright. He was awarded the titles of Influential Journals Individual in 60 years of New China and Top 100 Chinese Publishing Entrepreneurs in 2009 and 2010, respectively. He has won the Second Prize twice in the National Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. The journals he undertook have received four National Journal Awards, two Outstanding Scientific and Technological Journal First Prizes, and two National Scientific and Advanced Collective Prizes. He has published four popular science books and over 20 papers successively.

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