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Training Cource on New Technology Popularizing of Agricultural Mechanization for Developing Countries in 2017 was launched in CAAMS

From:         Date:2017-06-20

In the afternoon of June 20, the opening ceremony of "Training Cource on New Technology Popularizing of Agricultural Mechanization for Developing Countries in 2017" was held in CAAMS. The training course was a multi-lateral foreign-aid technological training sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by CAAMS. The training course lasted for 30 days, and a total of 20 officials in agriculture and technical engineers from seven developing countries participated the training. Lei Yuchun, Vice President of CAAMS, and staff in the training group of International Cooperation Department attended the opening ceremony.

Lei Yuchun warmly welcomed the arrival of the participants on behalf of CAAMS. He briefly introduced the work of CAAMS in actively implementing the Belt and Road Initiative and South-South Cooperation and deepening exchanges and cooperation with developing countries. He expressed that, CAAMS as the headstream of agricultural machinery and platform for international communication, will endeavor to set up a platform for introducing new agricultural technologies and practical agricultural machinery in China for all participants in the training course. He also wished to enhance understanding and friendship between CAAMS and the countries of the participants and their course respectively.

During this training course, CAAMS will invite well-known experts to give lectures; experts from subsidiaries of CAAMS will also give comprehensive introduction to the latest outcomes and experiences in agricultural mechanization in China, so that the participants get a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of achievements in agricultural mechanization in China, and promote cooperation between China and other countries for the overseas business development of CAAMS.

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