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Mr.Wang Bo visit UNIDO

From:         Date:2017-05-17

  On the 3rd of March, 2017, Mr. Wang Bo, the President of CAAMS, was invited to visit the headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and had a fruitful talk with Mr. Li Yong, the Director-General of the UNIDO on some possible cooperation such as agricultural machinery and agricultural products processing between two sides.

  Mr. Wang Bo introduced the history, the business sectors and also the comprehensive advantages of CAAMS based on the strength of scientific research. Both sides had a deep discussion on the cooperation in agricultural technology equipment, agricultural engineering and other fields, particularly with regards to the cooperation under UNIDO-led country partner (PCP) frameworks.

Mr.Wang Bo visit UNIDO

  UNIDO convened the relevant heads of Asian, African and Latin American countries to hold a project seminar with the delegation of CAAMS to discuss the cooperation based on professional advantages of both countries as well as some key national projects.

  This visit deepened the mutual trust and understandings between both sides and laid a solid foundation for our country's to cooperate with UNIDO and its partner countries, and also helped to promote our products using the international organization platform at the same time. It also helps to broaden the channels for building agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural engineering contracting, park planning and design and construction as well as some other international and integrated platforms of CAAMS.

  Mr. Song Haihao, Deputy General Manager and XU Dan, Deputy General Manager of the China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation also attended the meeting. The delegation also visited Yao Shenhong, the Minister Counselor of the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

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