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The Delegation of Precision Agriculture (CAAMS) successfully visited Australia

From:         Date:2013-01-29

Led by Chief Expert of CAAMS, Mr. Zhang Xiaochao, the delegation of precision agriculture flied to Australia to attend the 15th international precision agriculture forum and inspected the precision agriculture equipment in local farms from 3rd to 12th September. The delegation consisted of 17 members, who were leaders, experts, research specialist staff from Institute of Mechatronics Technology and Application, Modern Agricultural Equipment (CAAMS), International Cooperation Department, Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bayi Agricultural University, Jiangsu University, Heilongjiang Farm Management Bureau and Tianjin Farm Management Bureau.

From 5th to 6th September, delegates attended the 15th international precision agriculture forum, which was held by the precision agriculture society in Mildura, Australia. Hundreds of people from the U.S., Germany, Australia, China and many other countries took part in the forum and had professional communication on the issue of the application as well as the research of technology like technological satellite monitoring remote sensing, field detection sensing and precision agriculture equipment in the field of agricultural production. In addition, several companies like JOHN DEERE, CASE and Omni STAR were invited to display and to recommend their related high-tech products in the forum. Vice Director, Mr. Zhang Xiaochao, gave a speech with the title Research progress of intelligent variable equipments for precision agriculture at the meeting, presenting the development status  of CAAMS’ technology research as well as the product range in the aspect of precision agriculture and intelligent agricultural equipment. The speech was not only rich in content but also was given comprehensively in details, in which all participants showed great interest. And in the meanwhile, Vice Director, Mr. Zhang, respectively answered the questions given by participants as well and won a round of applause.

Then the delegation visited a precision agriculture demonstration farm in Mildura, where they received warm welcome from the farmer Mr. Robin Schaefer. After a brief introduction to the status of local agricultural development as well as the basic information of the farm, Mr. Schaefer emphasized and demonstrated the advanced farming and harvesting machinery, which were currently used in the farm. And at the same time he explained what all visitors interested, namely the soil-component collection, detection and analysis system. The delegation members regarded this trip beneficial, from which they gained a lot.

On the invitation of Dr. Brett Whelan, who works in the precision agriculture laboratory of the University of Sydney, the delegation visited the located in technology zone of the University of Sydney precision agriculture laboratory on September 11th, where they had a talk with Dr. Brett Whelan. On behalf of all the members, Mr. Zhang firstly expressed his gratitude to Mr. Dr. Whelan and gave a brief introduction to the research & development status of CAAMS in the field of precision agricultural technology. And then Dr. Whelan introduced the research achievement of his team in the aspect of crop-positioning management & decisions. In his opinion, the application of technology should rely on the machinery as well as equipment and the process of technology shall go hand in hand with the development of machinery, especially in Australia, where is with scarcely population and water scarcity. It resulted that Australian farmers had great demand of large-scale agricultural equipment as well as precision agricultural machinery. Dr. Whelan showed great interest in the cooperation suggested by Vice Director Mr. Zhang and meanwhile was very glad to introduce farmers in Australia to Chinese agricultural research & development companies.

Owing to the forum in Australia, all members of the delegation were provided with the opportunity for face-to-face technical communication with experts as well as scholars in the field of precision agriculture from all over the world. Not only did it help them understand the latest research status in the very field, learn the international advanced precision agriculture technology, but also disseminated the research achievements achieved by Chinese scientists in this field, which to some degree raised our scientific influence. The visit to the farm as well as the on-the-spot survey allowed all the members of the delegation to have a grasp of the agricultural developing status in Australia, to learn the practical experience and to meanwhile have a good understanding of modern agricultural equipment. It was also conducive to the combination of theory and practice in the aspect of academic research. Owing to the contact as well as communication with the precision agricultural laboratory in Sydney, we were acquainted with new partners. Further substantive cooperation is also expected in the future.

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