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Delegation of Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology ofBotswana visited CAAMS

From:         Date:2013-01-21

On June 28, Mrs.LesegoM.Motoma, Director of Research Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology of Botswana (hereafter referred as MIST), Mrs.KelebogileMugabe, Counselor of the Botswana Embassy in China, and a group of ten people visited the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS), accompanied by Mr. Wan Cong, Program Officer of China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Prof. FangXianfa, Vice President of CAAMS gave them a warm reception.

Mrs.LesegoM.Motomafirstly thanked Prof. FangXianfafor his warm greetings. She said,Botswanais in the semi-arid region with few precipitation, land irrigation is in a serious situation. Recent years,Botswana has made a rapid progress in economic development, but its industrial structure is still undiversified with mining and husbandry as the pillar industry.Botswana hopes to seek to find solutions to their food security problems and sustainable development by using our existing advanced products and our successful experiences, through cooperation in the related areas of water saving irrigation, straw processing, and new energy.

Botswanais an African agricultural country, with small population, but drought and lack of rainfall have hindered the development of agriculture. There is a serious shortage of irrigation water inBotswana, so to ensure the food security is an important strategic plan forBotswana government. The technical experts from the Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. (MAE), CAAMS said that MAE has developed an effective drip irrigation equipment, among which designed for semi- mechanical, semi-manual household has gained a good response in the market in Asia andAfrica. After several years of innovation and creation, drip irrigation technology and equipment are increasingly mature, and hopefully our drip irrigation equipment could meet the immediate need ofBotswana.

Prof. FangXianfapointed out thatBotswana has irregular precipitation and low efficiency in the use of the rainfall, which is similar toWestern China. The Chinese government is now vigorously promoting the implementation of "Mother the Cellar" project that can be adopted to ease the tension of irrigation water shortage inBotswana.

Mentioning the locust plague that has seriously affected the normal growth of crops inBotswana, MAE staff said MAE has developed long-range pesticide sprayer that is widely used in some African countries for preventing locust and worms with remarkable effect.Botswanashowed their great interest in this sprayer.

Through business talk, CAAMS had an overview of agricultural machinery status and the purpose of visit of MIST, andBotswana hoped to get technical aid from CAAMS. Both sides expressed that they would develop cooperation in the key areas as soon as possible. We should take advantages of this chance to promote deeper cooperation in science and technology in agricultural areas under the support and instruction of the relevant government departments of both countries.


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