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Working Meeting of CIGR Journal

From:         Date:2013-01-21

The Working Meeting of CIGR Journal was held on November 1st, 2012 at CAAMS. The meeting was attended by Prof. Fedro Zazueta, President of CIGR; Prof. Da-Wen Sun, the Incoming President of CIGR; Prof. S?ren Pederson, Former President of CIGR; Mr. Zhao Xiaopeng, Assistant President of CAAMS; Prof. Zhang Lanfang, the Editor-in-Chief of CIGR Journal and other staff of the Editorial Office. Mr. Zhao Xiaopeng chaired the meeting.

The EiC of the CIGR Journal, Prof. Zhang Lanfang made a thorough report of the work of CIGR Journal. She explained the working mechanism of the editorial process, and she showed some statistics of the work of the Editorial Office of the CIGR Journal in 2012. She also addressed some problems of the journal, such as inactivity of some Section Editors, reviewers, and authors, and lower technical levels of some new submissions from developing countries.

After Prof. Zhang’s report, the CIGR Presidium expressed that the Editorial Office had done an enormous file of work voluntarily, which enable the CIGR Journal to take on a brand-new image. The three Presidents also made some suggestions to improve the quality and the influence of the journal and promised to work together with the Editorial Office of CIGR Journal to increase the academic level of the journal. After the meeting, the three Presidents visited the Editorial Office and EiC Office of CIGR on the second floor of No. 31 Building of CAAMS.

CIGR is a renowned international academic organization in agricultural engineering, with strong influence among experts and scientists in agricultural engineering. The electronic journal of CIGR, the CIGR Journal, serves as a free platform for academic exchange. All the editorial work including online submission, peer reviewing, editing were performed on the OJS system. Since January 1st, the Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation of CAAMS, Prof. Zhang Lanfang was appointed as the EiC of the CIGR Journal. Under the leadership of Prof. Zhang, some staff of the Department of International Cooperation of CAAMS work for the editorial work of the CIGR Journal.

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