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Training Course on New Technology Popularizing of Agricultural Mechanization for Developing Countries

From:         Date:2013-01-21

The Training Course on “New Technology Popularizing of Agricultural Mechanization for Developing Countries” was held from August 7thto September 20th inBeijing. On the morning of August 7th, the opening ceremony was held inChineseAcademyof Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS). Professor Li Yuntao, the general secretary of CAAMS and all the working group’s members of Department of International Cooperation attended the opening ceremony.

Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic ofChina, CAAMS organized this training course. About 23participantsfrom different developing countries came to the course, such asEgypt, Kyrgyzstan,Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Sudan,Sierra Leone, Zanzibar,Uganda, Namibia,Ivory Coast,DominicaandCuba. They came to here to attend this 45-days training course.

The objectivesof the Course are to provide the situation and tendency of agricultural mechanization development of China. The main introductions are agricultural mechanization development policy and tendency, the policy of agricultural machinery import and export, the government supporting principles for economic cooperation and technical exchange on agricultural mechanization.

During the training course, all the participants will visitShanghai, Zhejiangprovince andHenan province for technical investigation. After completing their course and getting through the final examination, the trainees will be awarded a certificate both by the Course Sponsor & Organizer.

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