Introduction to S & T Cooperation Program

Date:2013-01-29 20:27:1

  CAAMS has actively participated in the application of the International S & T Cooperation Program of China since 2005. At the same time, as the recommended organization appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China, CAAMS has especially established the Office of International S & T Cooperation Programs in charge of the application, materials review, and project management of these programs.

  Up until May, 2012, along with over 20 universities, scientific and research institutes and enterprises, CAAMS has established long-term cooperation relations with the corresponding organizations of more than 10 countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, etc.; CAAMS has applied 28 International S & T Cooperation Programs of China and two foreign-aid programs to the developing countries, in the fields of agricultural mechanization, new energy, agro-products processing technology, new materials, information agriculture; among the 28 programs, 14 were successfully approved with financial allocation of over RMB 30 million Yuan; CAAMS has brought in many foreign talents and cultivated over 20 graduates; it has got 19 patents and over 100 papers published on the key academic journals at home and abroad. The jointly-Researched Self-Propelled Boom Sprayer and Non-Tillage Seeding Machine are not only applied and widely promoted in China, but also be exported abroad. The cooperation of science and technology has greatly driven the research and development of products and the progress of science and technology in the field of Chinese agricultural engineering.

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