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As the windows of technology, information and international cooperation of China agricultural machinery, food, and agro-products processing industry, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS)has organized various of foreign aid training programs, covering the area of agricultural equipment technology, agro-processing equipment technology, rural area new energy, rural area water conservation, agricultural policies and standards etc., from Chinese Government since 1980s, Through various forms of bilateral, multilateral, regional and overseas special training programs, CAAMS has trained more than 1,000 technical, business and management staff for over 70 countries and regions, and made great contribution to international S&T, economy and trade exchanges and cooperation. As the national scientific and technological training base, CAAMS was highly praised by Chinese Government and widely publicized by many national media on several occasions.

Through organizing the foreign aid training programs for developing countries, CAAMS has strengthened the traditional friendship with the recipient countries, promoted exchanges and cooperation in the field of agriculture among developing countries; CAAMS has created positive conditions for local applicable technologies and mature products to enter the oversea markets through the training courses to let the representatives of developing countries know and understand the development and extension system of Chinese agricultural and food industry. Combining with the advantages of industrial position of CAAMS, CAAMS has initiated and organized a number of government projects under the framework of international cooperation exchange projects which improved the level of relevant technologies of CAAMS, and the ability of engineers and technicians to undertake international cooperation projects, formed a successful mode of training as combined with training, cooperation, promotion and service. This form has greatly improved the international influence of CAAMS and the domestic industry, set up a great platform for further deep cooperation and exchanges with developing countries in wider areas.

International exchange and cooperation

By upholding the strategic development guideline of "sparing no effort to promote the international strategies, and seek opportunities for cooperation and development ", CAAMS has actively carried out overseas exchange and cooperation, and made unremitting efforts in extending the overseas market, importing advanced technologies and equipment, carrying out and organizing scientific and research cooperation projects, holding international conferences, and implementing the "going out" policy.

Since CAAMS was established, it has built cooperative relationships friendly with governmental departments, scientific and research institutes, international industries, and professional organizations of over 80 countries and regions including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, etc. and has carried out varieties of exchange activities including exchange and visit, lectures by experts, cooperation of scientific and research projects and joint training of talents. CAAMS has formed an international exchange platform with wide coverage, convenient communication and diversified cooperation fields, and have won good international reputation. It has signed collaborative agreements with the agricultural administrative organizations and universities in the USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Iraq, Mongolia and India successively; carried out over 30 scientific and research cooperation projects in the field of agricultural machinery, food safety, biological energy, and monitoring and emission reduction of greenhouse gas; actively promoted some international well-known agricultural organizations, after the sustained efforts, the Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering (AAAE) Secretariat, and the CIGR Journal was settled down at CAAMS; CAAMS has cooperated with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and German Agricultural Society (DLG), and together pushed forward the standards of Chinese agricultural machinery being integrated with that of the international industry; invited international leading experts and scholars to give over 200 lectures in CAAMS; held world-class agricultural conferences, such as "International Agricultural Engineering Conference" and exhibitions many times, and also CAAMS has successfully bid the 18th World Congress of CIGR; sponsored over 20 international technology conferences and high-level forums held by governmental ministries including Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST); smoothly organized about 250 group visits including investigations and discussions of cooperation projects by attending international academic meetings and exhibitions.

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