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Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance for Agricultural Machinery Industry (TIPAAMI)

  Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance for Agricultural Machinery Industry (TIPAAMI)was established on June 10, 2007. As one of the four industrial technological innovation strategic alliances and the pilot-test alliance approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and other Chinese ministries and commissions, AMITISA has 15 member organs with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS) as its Director-General member. The other members of AMITISA include YTO Group Corporation, FOTON LOVOL, Shifeng Group, Modern Agricultural Equipment Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing Corporation Ltd., Changfa Group, Northeast Agricultural University, China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Jiangsu University, Guangdong Agi-machinery Research Institute, Shandong Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, Heilongjiang Institute of Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Science and other fine manufacturers and research institutes of agricultural machinery.

  AMITISA has the Council, Expert & Technology Committee, Secretariat and other organs. AMITISA Secretariat is established in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS) and contains General Office, Project Executive Office, Industrial Science & Technology Research Office, Science & Technology Planning & Management Office, Resources Coordination Office, etc. The first AMITISA Council has CAAMS researcher Chen Zhi as the Director-General and CAAMS Researcher Li Shujun, professor-level Senior Engineer Zhao Shanshui of YTO Group Corporation and Professor Yuan Shouqi of Jiangsu University as the Vice Director-Generals; the first Expert & Technology Committee has Academician Yao Fusheng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the Director, and Academician Jiang Yiyuan at Northeast Agricultural University, professor-level Senior Engineer Gao Yuan’en at China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, and Academician Wang Maohua at China Agricultural University as the Vice Director-Generals; CAAMS Researcher Fang Xianfa is the first Secretary-General of AMITISA.

  AMITISA upholds “steering industrial development and pushing forward technological innovations” as the purpose, by following the principle of market-oriented, equity, willingness, and risk-benefit sharing, AMITISA works hard to integrate the advantageous R&D resources, advanced manufacturing capacity and best HR in the industry. The ultimate goal is to enhance the research and applications of shared technologies in agricultural machinery and establish the innovation model featured by land-contract cooperative mechanism and coexistence of multi-level independent R&D and open collaboration based on industrial technological innovation value chain. As a result, the technological innovation system combining industry, institute and R&D center will be built; the independent innovation capacity will be improved and strong machinery technical support will be provided for modern agriculture and socialist new countryside development.

  AMITISA has its major missions as follows: work to establish the industrial technological innovation mechanism pillared on manufacturers of agricultural machinery, oriented to the market, and featured by integration of industry, institute and R&D center; integrate and share technological innovation resources, enhance the collaborative R&D, break the shared and major bottlenecks in agricultural machinery, and build the collaborative R&D platform; conduct technological radiation and foster the major industrial cluster designing and manufacturing major agricultural machinery products so that AMITISA will become an important part in China’s technological innovation system.

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