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Technology Innovation Promotion Council for Food Machinery Industry (TIPCFMI)

  The TIPCFMI, established in September 2009, was co-sponsored and co-organized by 27 well-known enterprises, research institutes and universities, including the China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation, Nanjing Lehui Light Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd., Langfang Bestcrown Packing Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongtian Haoyu Technology Co., Ltd., Xiaojin Machinery Manufacturing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd., China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, Northeast Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, Jiangsu University, Henan University of Technology, Harbin University of Commerce, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Nanjing Institute of Food Packaging Machinery, Hangzhou Project & Research Institute of Electro-mechanic in Light industry, and the Wuxi Scientific Research & Design Institute of the State Administration of Grain. With leading the industry development and promotion of technological innovation as tenet, it adheres to principles such as market-oriented, equality and voluntariness, complementary advantages, risk and profit sharing. It promotes the development and application of industrial common technologies, establishes innovative models with both cross-regional, multi-level independent R&D and open cooperation, and makes up technological innovation system combining production, study and research to enhance the capability of independent innovation.

  Based on domestic equipment, the TIPCFMI is committed to achieve the large-scale conversion, deep processing, comprehensive utilization, recycling, energy efficiency, environmental protection, health and safety, and coordinated development of major agricultural products processing, with emphasis on cereals and oils, fruit and vegetable beverage and product, livestock and poultry products processing machines and food packaging equipment. Based on independent innovation and integrated innovation, the TIPCFMI makes joint efforts in three levels such as major common key technologies, new product development and industrialization demonstration, technological innovation platform establishment and development strategies. In addition, it explores the establishment of market-oriented industrial technology innovation long-term mechanism with enterprises as main body, market-oriented, combining production, study and research. Besides, it integrates the advantages of industrial technologies and innovation resources, and sets up a joint research platform to gather innovative elements, promote the close connection of scientific research and production, and achieve efficient transformation and industrialization of innovation achievements. Moreover, it carries out radiation and promotion of new technologies, cultivates a number of scientific and technical talents in food processing and packaging equipments, and fosters the industrial cluster main body of major technologies and product innovation in the food equipment industry, making itself the core of the food equipment and technology innovation in China, providing a strong scientific and technological support for sustained and rapid development of China's food processing and packaging equipment. 

  As the president unit of the TIPCFM, China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation took in charge of daily work of the Secretariat.

  Secretariat Contact:

  Address:82 P. O. Box, No.1 Beishatan, Deshengmen Wai, Chaoyang District, Beijing



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