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China National Food Machinery Quality Supervision & Testing Center

  China National Food Machinery Quality Supervision & Testing Center, established in 2007, is an organ accredited by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories (CNACL) and authorized by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ). It is the third-party testing organ specialized in food and food machinery quality supervision and testing. At the same time, China National Food Machinery Quality Supervising & Testing Center is also the head unit of Food Machinery Safety & Hygiene Testing Professional Group in National Technical Committee 374 on Products Test Methods of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 374).

  The Center has eight divisions including Electrical Performance Testing Lab, Mechanical Performance Testing Laboratory, Material Performance Testing Laboratory, Measurement and Analysis Laboratory, Food Physical & Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Food Quality Analysis Laboratory, Safety & Hygiene Laboratory, and Precise Instrument Analysis Laboratory, which has the total area of 1,440 square meters. Nowadays, the Center has over 30 employees including eight Research Professors and eight Senior Engineers. Of these employees, five obtained doctor degrees and nine obtained master degrees.

  Authorized by AQSIQ, the Center can test products in the following scopes: food processing and packaging machinery, agricultural product and agricultural byproduct produce processing machinery, food packaging container, electrical safety of food machinery and food. Following the "impartiality and science, high-quality and high-efficiency, improvement and innovation" principles, and adopting the pragmatic attitudes, advanced technology and scientific methods, the Center provides the high-quality testing, consultancy and relevant technical services for the country, industry, society and customer to meet their needs.

  The testing capacity of the Center covers 46 categories, total 202 products, including 28 categories of food processing and packaging machinery, 5 categories of agricultural product and agricultural byproduct processing machinery, 3 categories of food packaging containers, 3 categories of electrical safety of food machinery and 7 categories of food.   

  Food, agricultural product and agricultural byproduct processing machinery

  •   The processing machinery of beverages, pastry, dairy, grease, bean products, canned food, slaughtering and meet products, flour, tea, etc;
  •   The processing machinery of brewing, fruit and vegetable, homogenizing, sterilizing, washing, food mixing and agitating, starch processing and further processing, rice milling, etc;
  •   Machinery of food grinding, concentrating, drying, washing, etc;
  •   Heat exchanger, stainless steel food tank, requirements of safety and hygiene for food machinery, etc.

  Electrical safety of food machinery

  •   Mechanical and electrical equipment;
  •   Food machinery electrical apparatus;
  •   Household and similar electrical appliances.  

  Food packaging container

  •   PC drinking water tank;
  •   Plastics anti-theft caps;
  •   Disposable plastic table/drinking wares. 


  •   Puffed food;
  •   Frozen beverage;
  •   Candy and pastry;
  •   Biscuit;
  •   Quick-frozen food;
  •   Meat product;
  •   Starch and starch product.  

  Food Machinery Testing Laboratory

  Food Machinery Testing Laboratory includes Food Machinery Testing Hall, Electrical Performance Testing Laboratory, Mechanical Performance Testing Laboratory, Material Performance Testing Laboratory and Measurement and Analysis Laboratory. The Food Machinery Testing Laboratory mainly offers quality supervision and testing for food machinery products, entrusted testing of relevant products, constitution and consultation of testing approaches and related standards. The Food Machinery Testing Laboratory has tested some spot-checked products consigned by AQSIQ: agricultural oil press machinery, rice milling machinery, electric food processing machinery such as electric meat grinder, dough kneader, vegetable cutting apparatus, slicer, mixer and noodle roller, etc. The Lab is well-equipped and is able to provide multiple services such as on-site testing and sample testing.

  Electrical Performance Testing Laboratory

  Electrical Performance Testing Laboratory provides analysis and testing for the current intensity, leakage current, grounding resistance and other electric performance indicators in food machinery and power-propelled and power heating food machineries, as well as their material properties of insulation, flame retardant, waterproofing, etc. The Laboratory possesses a series of advanced equipment for testing electrical performances of mechanical products, such as combined electrical performance tester, withstanding voltage tester, leakage current tester, direct-current low-resistance tester, pulse withstanding voltage tester, digital insulation tester, wire tension-torsion tester, glow-wire testing chamber, needle-flame testing chamber, horizontal and vertical combustion testing chamber, leakage tracking testing chamber, anti-splash devices, etc.   

  Mechanical Performance Testing Laboratory

  Mechanical Performance Testing Laboratory offers analysis and testing for overall operations, parts operations, installation quality, productivity and other performance indicators of machinery. It is equipped with dynamic balancer, gear base pitch measuring instrument, gear radial movement tester, stabilizing platform, electronic izod impact tester, digital display pulling/pressure tester, digital display stress meter, vibration tester, multi-function noise analyzing meter and other advanced testing devices for mechanical performance test.

  Material Performance Testing Laboratory

  The laboratory is used to test the physical properties of the mechanical materials including rigidity, roughness and ductility, etc., which is equipped with roller rigidity tester, ultrasonic thickness detector, surface roughness testing device, ultrasonic crack detector, spectroscope and other advanced testing devices. 

  Food Laboratory

  The Food Laboratory consists of Physicochemical Analysis Lab, Food Quality Analysis Lab, Safety and Hygiene Testing Lab, and Precise Device Analysis Lab. It has strong R&D and testing capacity in physicochemical property analysis, microorganism index testing, food pigment testing, preservative and heavy metal testing of food. It is equipped with the internationally-advanced testing instruments and devices such as gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), automatic amino acid analyzer, atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), UV-Vis spectrophotometer, laser particle size analyzer, AFT analyzer, automatic colony analyzer, automatic scanning electron microscopy and food physical feature analyzer, etc. The Lab is dedicated to providing the best R&D and testing service for the food industry and producers.

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