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Food Machinery Standardization Technology Committee

  Food Machinery Standardization Technology Committee (code: CMIF/TC14) was approved by National Development and Reform Commission of China in 2006. The Committee is administered by the China Machinery Industry Federation with its Secretariat located in the China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation. Main responsibilities include:

  1.  The Committee is responsible for setting and revising national and industry standards for food machinery. It also in charge of the general management of the standards such as setting classification systems, and making plans for development, drafting, revising and reviewing of the standards.


  1. The Committee will organize the drafting, reviewing and filing for approval process for standards according to the plans provided by its supervising organizations. It also organizes annual Committee meetings; standards review panels, as well as conducts promotion, implementing, training and consultancy work for the standards.
  2. The Committee is responsible for investigating the standards involved in evaluation and qualification progress for research projects as well as imported projects in the area of food machineries. It will also assess the quality standards being used and issue standardization review reports according to the investigation results.

  4.  The Committee will conduct specialized research in the soft-area of food machinery standardization and related technology. Communication will be promoted with related committees. It will undertake standardization tasks from governments and enterprises as well as provide the service to the whole society.

  Recently, the Committee has put more efforts in drafting and revising food machinery standards and other related work because of the increasing attention and measures towards food safety nationwide. We look forward to inquiries and collaborating from all the sectors of the community as well as our industry colleagues.


  Address:P.O. Box 82, No.1 Beishatan, Deshengmen Wai, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  Post Code:100083

  Secretary-general:Zhao, youbin (010)64882504,13311175179

  Deputy Secretary-general:Wang, Guokou (010)64882617,13671098364

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