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Introduction to Agro-Food Processing Equipment Sub-Center

  Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, attached to China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation, Agro-Food Processing Equipment Sub-Center, of National R&D Center for Agro-Food Processing, was established in 2008. The Sub-Center is a comprehensive base for the research and development of China’s agro-food processing technology and equipment. At present, the Sub-Center includes R&D departments respectively for food processing, oil processing, potato processing, fruit and vegetable preservation & processing, livestock and poultry butchering & processing, and food processing, as well as the industrial technical service. The Sub-Center features strong R&D teams, advanced test equipment, good experimental conditions and rich experience in R&D.

  The Sub-Center aims to improve the R&D infrastructure for China’s agro-food processing equipment, to enhance the capacity of such R&D as well as the commercialization, promotion and application of scientific and technological results, and to develop agro-food processing technology and equipment that are practical and mature for industrialization.

  The Sub-Center is a link between its support organization or other technological results providers and the agro-food processing markets as well as the bridge for the commercialization of research findings. For the agro-food processing equipment manufacturing industry, the Sub-Center’s  responsibilities include: engaging in the research on the development strategies and relevant policies; carrying out the research on fundamental, applied, cutting-edge or major generic technologies; providing the processing industry with new technologies, equipment and products as well as relevant demonstration and promotion; fostering innovative and management personnel; providing the industry and administrative departments with technical information and advisory services.

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