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Engineering and Technological Research Center for Machinery Industry Plant Protection Machinery

  The Engineering and Technological Research Center for Machinery Industry Plant Protection Machinery was established in 2010 as approved by the China Machinery Industry Federation and supported by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences.  

  The center consists of the Management Committee, Engineering and Technology Committee and six divisions, General Office, Department of Achievements Transformation and Industrialization, Planning and Development Department, Research Lab on the Basic Theories and Technologies of Pesticide Application, Research Lab on Modern Application Equipment, General Research Lab, and Testing Lab. Prof. Yang, Xuejun serves as director of the center and Prof. Yan, Herong serves as the vice director. 

  The center, meets the technical need for projects on the utilization of plant protection machinery and pesticide application technologies, closely tracking the cutting-edge technologies of China and the world, targeting the goal of reinforcing engineering and commercial production of technology transformation, based on the situation of China, exerts its own advantages for innovation and development; focus on breaking through weaknesses in the industrialization of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the industry; build platforms for promoting industrialization to ensure effective supply of key common technologies during the industrial development; form independent core technologies; realize engineering development of major technologies and system integration; and promote the transformation from scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity. The center is mainly engaged in research on basic theories, cutting-end technologies and applied technologies in the fields of pesticide application machinery and pesticide utilization, development of modern application equipment suitable for disease, pest and weed prevention of hi-stalk crops, paddy, fruit trees and vegetables as well as its engineering development and industrialization and enhance the technical level of plant protection machinery to serve the grain production and food security in China.

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