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Research Center of National Agricultural Machinery Engineering Technology

  Officially beginning preparation upon approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1999, National Research Center of Agricultural Machinery Engineering Technology (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) passed the acceptance check in Nov. 2002 with a straight-A performance in engineering technology R&D, synchronized operation and management, self-improvement, personnel training, open service, effects & benefits, industry influence, availability and utilization of capital funds, etc. After obtaining its name in March 2003, it passed the optimized review in 2006 and is affiliated to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS). Its sub-center in south China is affiliated to Guangdong Agricultural Machinery Research Institute (GAMRI).

  The Center has management committee, which set up the department of administration office, sales & marketing, R & D, and asset management. There are nine research sub-centers including sub-center of agricultural mechanization development, harvesting machinery, farming machinery, water-saving irrigation, animal husbandry machinery, agricultural products processing, grain storage, paddy fields machinery, and southern branch. The Center also has laboratories and pilot production bases for planting machinery, harvesting machinery, agricultural products processing machinery, irrigation machinery, and drying machinery. Prof. Shujun Li, President of CAAMS is the director of the Center; the deputy directors of the Center are Prof. Xianfa Fang, vice president of CAAMS, and Prof. Yangnan Lin, director of GAMRI. South sub-center is led by Prof. Yangnan Lin as director and deputy director is Prof. Jinjiang Zhang, deputy director of GAMRI.

  Striving for “supporting modern agriculture and building of a new countryside; uplifting self-innovation and core competitiveness of industries; and leading a leapfrog development of agriculture equipment manufacturing”, the Center unwaveringly adheres to the standard of “top industrialization and engineering progress, top engineering technological elites, top engineering lab facilities, top management and operation”. Dedicated to innovation and development of agriculture equipment and technology, the Center serves the modernization drive of China's agriculture with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. As the cradle of advanced technology, origin of novel products and birthplace of tactics and strategies of the industry, it is mainly occupied with the research on the development strategies of China’s agricultural mechanization; research and development of agricultural equipment for the entire production of grain and advantageous cash crops, complete processing technology and equipment for agriculture products and food, biomass conversion technology and equipment, and precise and intelligent agricultural technology and equipment; as well as their engineering transformation and industrialization process, providing open services to the whole industry as an industry pacesetter.

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