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Opening Laboratory of National Machinery Industry Structure Safety and Reliability

The Opening Laboratory of National Machinery Industry Structure Safety and Reliability (herein refer to as “the Laboratory”) affiliated to Beijing Aircraft Strength Institute, CAAMS was established in 2000 after approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology [(2000) No. 149] and the State Administration of Machinery Industry [(2000) No. 300].

The main research area of the laboratory is to explore the theory and to improve the level of reliability design for structures scheduled life by implementing structural reliability design with specified life in accordance with clients’ requirements. Means used in the design includes materials fatigue/fracture performance experimental data, load/environmental measurement data, stochastic mathematics, fatigue theory, fracture mechanics, engineering mechanics, information science, digital design and computer simulation, etc.

Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation key project “the scheduled life initiative reliability design of aircraft structures”, the laboratory establishes the structure scheduled life initiative reliability design research area, and transfers the traditional final product reliability evaluation into scheduled life initiative reliability design, to ensure the structural safety and reliability design standards. It opens up new research areas for the realization of the long-life, high reliability and low cost of structures.

The laboratory is mainly engaged in applied basic scientific researches on the life and reliability of structures. It has achieved a number of research results including initiative reliability design theory for scheduled life of structure, median load spectrum preparation principle with high degree of confidence, data acquisition technology of load spectrum measurement, the neural network full-size analog with damage recognition technology, reliability design of structural fatigue/fracture, and digital design and virtual technology development.

The laboratory has a doctoral degree program in mechanical design and theory, and has many groups and centers including the structural reliability theory group, the structural reliability experiment group, the database and software development group, the digital design and virtual simulation group, the aircraft load spectrum database center, and the typical material characteristic database center.

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