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  · Field of Agroculture and Animal Husbandry Equipment


The modern agricultural equipment is the classical dominant research field of CAAMS. According to incomplete calculation, over 80% of the using technologies and products are derived from CAAMS and the technical services rate reaches 18.3% of total quantity of the enterprises above the designated size in the whole industry. The modern agricultural equipment includes field operations, crop harvest, water-saving irrigation and drainage, post-harvest processing, agricultural facilities and the electrical and mechanical automation, as well as animal husbandry equipment and other fields. The exclusive Farming Planting Machinery Research Institute is built to carry out the research and development of soil-plant machine system operation technology and equipment; the Harvest Technology Institute mainly focused on harvesting techniques and equipment R&D of potatoes, cash crops and fiber plants such as cereals, oilseeds, sugar crop and cotton, etc.; the Atomization Engineering and Technology Center mainly focused on technology research and product development of water-saving irrigation, ultra-low volume pesticide spraying; the Mechanical and Electrical Technology Institute is engaged in the technological research and practical product development of agricultural machinery automation, intellectualization, and informatization; the Animal Husbandry Machinery Institute mainly focused on the research and development of intensive raising techniques, equipment and facilities as well as construction projects.


Major technical fields and leading new products:

1.         Field operation machinery : large-double-combine tillage and land preparation operation equipment, no-tillage sowing and fertilizing combine operation equipment, high-speed rice transplanter, nursery and transplanting machine, series of mobile boom spraying machine with broad width in a fine and small amount, and field management machinery.

2.         Harvest and postharvest processing machinery: series of wheat and rice combine harvesters, maize combine harvester, green forage harvester, large cotton picking machine, series of grain storage and drying equipment, complete set of cotton processing equipment, and series of complete set of seed processing equipment, etc.

3.         Water-saving irrigation and facility agriculture equipment: series of water-saving irrigation equipment such as large size center-pivot and linear-move irrigation system, and light weight and small size portable sprinkling machine; various industrial, agricultural and municipal constructions used water pumping facilities such as self-sucking pump, submersible pump, mixed flow pump, sewage pump and special pumps; glass greenhouse, solar greenhouse, multi-span greenhouse, automatic control system and equipment for facility cultivation.

4.         Electromechanical automation technology: precision agriculture equipment such as real-time variable employment system for seed, fertilizer and pesticide, field automatic yield monitoring system, weeds automatic identification system, soil information fast acquisition system with satellite positioning, and plant physiology and ecology information acquisition system; food safety testing instruments and equipment such as rapid detection equipment for grain quality, and non-destructive test for dairy products; automation and intelligent technology such as agricultural robots.

5.         Animal husbandry equipment: complete set of equipment for chicken raising, cows feeding and milking, complete set of equipment for feed expanding and forage processing; waste treatment and organic fertilizer production equipment, as well as health management technology and system for livestock farms.

· Argo-product Processing Equipment

The Agro-product Processing developed in recent years is one of the main dominant research fields of CAAMS. There are potato project center, food project center, oil project center, environmental protection and packaging engineering center, manufacturing center and engineering laboratories. The technical and business areas include potato processing, slaughter processing, cold storage and preservation, oil processing, fruit and vegetable processing, grain and oil processing, focusing on the research on processing technology, development of key technology and equipment, contracting of complete set engineering as well as technology transfer, consulting, training, exhibitions and so on.

Major technical fields and leading new products:  

  1. Complete set of technology and equipment for potato products, including potato starch, French fries, modified starch, potato flour, potato grading, semi-finished products and other potato food. The supporting key equipment consist of the hydraulic cutting machine to improve the yield of French fries, the subsurface steam peelers to reduce loss, energy-saving and quality-improving series drum dryers, rasping machine to increase the yield of the starch and to reduce wastewater and the full swirl separating and washing station. 

2.       Complete set of technology and equipment for slaughter: focusing on complete sets of technical equipment for slaughtering of poultry and livestock and meat fresh storage, such as steam scald and automatic control poulcker to avoid cross-contamination, automatic anal cutting and viscera taking equipment, which has improved the single slaughter capacity of poultry; forming the complete set of meat fresh storage with the humidcool technology playing the leading role, processing and comprehensive utilizing equipment for bone and blood.


3.       Refrigeration and preservation equipment: humidcool preservation technology and cool storage room, cloth air supply system, monitoring system of temperature, humidity and gas composition and so on. 


4.     Oil processing technology and equipment: take the expanding process and the innovative technology of appropriate temperature desolventizing as the frontier to develop the complete set of technical and engineering equipment for the co-production of oil and nucleoprotein; achieve the key equipment for the shelling of rapeseed, pre-pressing of high oil puffing, leaf filter discharging residues by vibration; complete the key equipment and complete systems for the rice bran puffing preservation and refining of special edible oil. 


5.       Fruit and vegetable preservation and processing engineering equipment: take the humidcool technology as the main body to form a complete facility for the physical preservation of characteristic fruits, complete sets of facilities for fungi production; complete the drying technology and complete sets of facilities of the low-temperature, infrared, microwave, freezer and hot air combination to save energy; focusing on different fruits to carry out the completion of industrialized large-scale equipment for the semi-automatic fruit juicing of the citrus and the belt-juicing of apples.


6.       Technical equipment for the industrial production of traditional flour products: the intelligent drying system of noodle as a breakthrough to develop the intelligent system of drying facilities, focusing on the quality protection and the heat loss reducing; take automatically vacuum dough making technology as a breakthrough to improve the quality of traditional flour product processing and shorten the processing cycle for industrialization.


 · Field of renewable energy equipment


Renewable energy equipment is an emerging industry developed to meet the requirement of promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of recycling economy and the cultivation of new economic growth points of CAAMS, which mainly consists of the collection and storage of agricultural and forestry biomass, compression molding, direct combustion power generation, waste water treatment, biogas engineering, cellulosic ethanol and other biomass technology and wind energy, solar technology as well. The professional research institutions are built as the Agricultural Mechanization Biomass Engineering Research Center of the Chinese Academy and the Renewable Energy Research Institute of the Hohhot branch. The Biomass Engineering Research Center is newly formed on the basis of the Renewable Energy Research Institute of CAAMS, also as the support unit for Machinery Industry Biomass Equipment Engineering Research Center and the Energy and Power committee of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, and the governing unit of China Energy Society. It focuses on research and industrial work of plant biomass engineering equipment and technology, product development and system integration applications, and provides technical consultation, supply of key equipment, cooperation and exchanges for large scale industrial projects of agricultural and forestry biomass; the Renewable Energy Institute of the Hohhot branch is mainly engaged in wind energy, research on solar application, product development, technical services and engineering applications.


 Major technical fields and leading new products:


  1. Technology and equipment for biomass energy development: the balers for rice and wheat straw, the series harvester for cotton stalk and energy crops, large straw rubbing chopper and so on, bulk material grabbing mower, bale yards stack loaders, palletizing loaders with telescopic boom and other equipment as well as the key equipment for blast furnace feed system of the biomass power plant; fuel processing equipment for curing and molding of the biomass, plant fiber molding technology and equipment, cellulosic ethanol production technology and systems and the large-scale biogas engineering equipment; biomass storage and transportation technology course and program study for the corollary equipment and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contracting . 

2.       The sewage treatment technology and equipment: by adopting biological and membrane technology and aerospace resin filter technology, the sanitary sewage treatment equipment for residential area, new rural construction, hotels and remote factories and enterprises in municipal network, the series sewage treatment equipment of bunker oil sewage and sanitary are developed. 


3.       The wind and solar energy development and utilization equipment: (NB) series inverter of automatic protection, computer monitoring system of the wild wind and solar energy, solar drying system, the series of off-grid wind turbine and series of wind and solar hybrid power system.


· Field of Military Industry and Special Equipment


The military industry and special equipment is the high-tech field with rapid development and growth of CAAMS, covering the areas of advanced manufacturing skills and mechanical structural strength evaluation, material and technology, corrosion protection and surface engineering, special vehicle, hydraulic systems integration technology and equipment. The professional research and development organizations are Material & Technology Institute of CAAMS, Beijing Golden Wheel Special Machine Co., Ltd. reorganized on the basis of Beijing Special Walking Machinery Research Institute and Beijing Institute of Surface Engineering Technologies of CAAMS, Beijing Caamsc Corrosion Control Technique Co., Ltd. formed on the basis of the Corrosion Protection Technology Center of CAAMS, Beijing Aircraft Strength Institute built on the basis of Beijing Mechanical Structure Strength Research Center of CAAMS, Beijing Tsun Greatwall Hydraulic R&D Co., Ltd. restructured from the Hydraulic Technology Research Institute and the Engineering Department of Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd of CAAMS. CAAMS has passed the GB, GJB, China Classification Society Quality System Certification, getting the production license of special vehicles and the ground equipment issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and Chinese army, and weapons equipment production license issued by the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau; CAAMS is recognized as the state aircraft tractor research and production base, meanwhile the Thermal Spray Committee of China Surface Engineering Association is located in CAAMS. 


Major technical fields and leading new products:


  1. Advanced manufacturing skills and mechanical structural strength evaluation: making great internationally advanced achievements in the aspects of the structure of fatigue/fracture reliability design, making principle and application of large machinery median load spectrum, the whole life estimation theory, durability assessment, analysis of damage tolerance limit, the design theory of optimization and computer simulation design; successively completed the measurement of flight load spectrum and assessment life reliability of structural components of key model series aircraft over ten countries, such as the F-10 aircraft, the Su-30 aircraft, missiles, aircraft, AWACS, etc.

2.       Corrosion and protection: mainly involved in the research and development of special coatings and environment friendly coatings of the steel structure industry, steel tube casting and pipe fittings, agricultural and engineering machinery. Main products include special anti-corrosion coatings of steel tube and pipe fitting, high performance epoxy coating, fast drying asphalt anti-corrosion coating, light color electrostatic conducting tank wall anticorrosion coating, epoxy zinc-rich coating, polyurethane coating, alkyd coating and epoxy paint.


3.       Material and technology: centrifugal nodular cast iron pipe technology and equipment, industrial heat treatment furnace, hot air circulation furnace series (drying, curing, dehydro , tempering, aging, etc.), magnetic materials and electronic components sintering furnace series, experimental furnace, etc.; metal anticorrosion plating equipment as Dacromet coating automatic production line; the technology and production line of vacuum disappearing model of pipe fitting, shell, cylinder ,etc., production technology and complete sets of equipment of vacuum disappearing model of pipe fitting; wear-resisting material process equipment such as grinding ball line, wearable complex steel plate and other high-quality wear-resistant material and wear-resisting electrodes etc.


  1. Surface engineering: with a full range of thermal spray technology and process, complete a number of major (key) research and production projects in aircraft engine thermal barrier coatings of the General Armament Department and China National Aviation Holding Company; mastering electrospark surface deposition / welding technology, arc-spraying technique, hot-dip zinc roller (roller sank, stability roller) dedicated LHVOF coating technology on the surface as well as the mechanical parts repairing and strengthening technique for various types of molds, shaft parts, gears, cast iron box and shell; researching and developing high-speed electric arc wire spraying system, electrospark deposition machine, flame powder spray system, new supersonic arc spray equipment, plasma spray welding equipment, electrospark deposition / welding equipment, etc., ranking the forefront of similar products in performance through the whole country.  

  1. Special mobile machinery: mainly including mechanical ground handling equipment orientated by aircraft towing tractor (bar, barless and electric), which includes aircraft towing tractor for large transport aircraft and large passenger, aircraft towing tractor for fourth-generation, gas source car, air-conditioned vehicles, snow removal and deicing vehicle, etc.; the telescopic handler series gathering the features of forklifts, loaders and cranes, firstly developed domestically, has more than 20 kinds of functions, such as loading, hanging, grasping, pushing and digging by exchanging different equipment, which can be widely used in handing, lifting, stacking and short handling operations in the industries of mining, armed forces, communications, building materials, ports, post and telecommunications, sanitation and others, and an ideal indispensable equipment in emergency rescue operations.
  2. Integration technology and equipment for hydraulic systems: mainly engaged in the development, design and manufacture of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic systems (hydraulic station) as well as the promotion and application of hydraulic-driven products, including products of SP120 type and SP90S type hydraulic pavers, high-power hydraulic chain type ditcher, hydraulic system of wind turbine, industrial hydraulic station, brake fluid connector of high-speed rail train, the hydraulic power systems integration of rotary drilling rig, etc.
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