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Expert introduction

State machine group high level expert of science and technology--Yang, Xuejun

Prof. Yang, Xuejun, born in 1961, is a Doctoral Supervisor. He graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Jiangsu University. He holds the position as the Vice General Manager of Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd of CAAMS and Chief Expert of CAAMS. He was granted with the Special Government Allowance from the State Council in 2008 and was elected as Senior Technology Expert of China National Machinery Industry Corporation in 2010. He also served as the President of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM) and the Director of its Cultivation Machinery Branch, Member of National Agricultural Machinery Standardization Technology Committee, Director of Plant Protection and Cleaning Machinery Technical Committee, Director of Cultivation and Fertilizer Machinery Technical Committee, Member of second annual Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Soil-plant Machinery System Technology, and Expert of Ministry of Science and Technology in China for many achievements evaluation and international cooperation projects.

He has been engaged in research, product development and technology application, and has led dozens of State and Ministerial projects in the field of planting and plant protecting machinery. He developed many plant protecting machinery techniques and products, including the National leading large-scale non-tillage technology and machinery, and was especially accomplished in the theoretical research of the atomization of liquid. There are many National Research Programs that he undertook, such as: National 11th Five-Year Plan Science and Technology Programs - Research and integrated demonstration on key technologies of farmland circular production and Development of large-scale farm power and equipment; International cooperation projects -  Research and development of large-scale self-walking boom sprayer and Research on accurate drug delivery technology and equipment;National 863 Projects - Research and development of intellectual operation equipment for accurate farming, Technology and equipment development of high-efficiency drug delivery technology for long-stalk crops and Research and development on intelligent simulation of working condition and related detection system. His was granted with eight Awards from provincial level or above, and filed more than ten patents.

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