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Expert introduction

State machine group high level expert of science and technology--Zhao, Youbin

Prof. Zhao, Youbin, master advisor, was born on 1966. He got his Engineering Master Degree from China Agricultural University, and was selected to be the high-level science and technology expert of National Machinery Group in 2010. He now serves as the vice president of China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation, National Registered Consulting (investment) Engineer, and national registered equipment inspector. In the addition, he also serves as the director of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, the director of the Packing and Food Engineering Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the director of China Food Science and Technology Society Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology Branch, the executive director and secretary general of Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery Agricultural Product Processing Branch, the member and secretary general of Food Machinery Standardization Technology Committee, the adjunct professor of College of Biological Sciences, Beijing Forestry University, the director of National Agro-product Processing Technology Research and Development System Agro-product Processing Equipment and Biomass Energy Professional Committee, the expert of the expert group of the “Eleventh Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program Major Project food processing key technology research and industry development, and the expert of National Development and Reform Commission Industry Coordination Department.

He has mainly engaged in the research of agricultural product and food processing technology and equipment, as well as technology development strategy, and has presided over and participated in more than 40 national, provincial, ministerial level science and technology R&D projects and corporate technology development and engineering construction projects, and involved in the development and assessment of more than 30 national and industry standards, obtaining lots of research results in agro-product processing technologies, equipment and product development, especially in application technology research and development and engineering of the potato comprehensive processing, fruit and vegetable beverage processing and protein processing. As an expert in the field of agricultural products and food processing in China, he has got the 4th Central Enterprises Ten Outstanding Young Persons Nomination Award and China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, one National Science and Technology Progress Second Award, two first, three second and one third provincial and ministerial science and technology award, and also he has published over 30 academic papers.

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