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Expert introduction

State machine group high level expert of science and technology--Wu Desheng

Prof. Wu Desheng was born in July, 1963 and obtained his B.S. degree in engineering from Inner Mongolia University of Technology. He has studied in RWTH Aachen University in Germany and CUOA School of Management in Italy, and was engaged in technical work in Hough International Corporation of the United States for many years. He currently serves as a professor, MA student advisor and the Director of the Livestock Machinery Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS). He was selected as a high-level expert in science and technology of China National Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH) in 2010. In addition, he is the National Engineering Design Professional Mechanical Engineer, Director of Feeding Machinery Branch of National Engineering Center of Agricultural Machinery, and member of the Second National Feed Evaluation Committee, the Beijing Feed Industry Association, the Aquaculture Engineering and Mechanical Branch of Dairy Association of China, and the Animal Husbandry Machinery Branch of National Agricultural Machinery Standardization Technical Committee.

He has been engaged in the researches, development and promotion of new technologies in feed processing, husbandry and organic fertilizer processing machinery. He is an expert in processing, mechanical design and electrical control with profound attainments in product development and project construction. He has undertaken many state research projects, such as the National 11th Five-Year Technology Support Program on industrialization demonstration of production of organic fertilizer products with livestock manure, new feed quenched annulus clearance expansion unit, pilot of new feed quenched annulus clearance expansion unit, key technology and equipment research of herbivores feeding system, research on extrusion puffing granulation technology and equipment of aquatic feed, joint research on efficient cow culture systems, solid waste bio-composting and organic fertilizer industry in large-scale farming plants and other major state projects. For all the projects assumed, he has been awarded two second prizes and one third prize of Machinery Industry Technology Progress and a third prize of Chinese agricultural science and technology. He has supervised six graduate students; obtained six national patents; published 15 papers; and has been the co-author of six books or standards.

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