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Expert introduction

National expert with outstanding contribution-- Wang, Yanfei

Prof. Wang, Yanfei, born in 1951, graduated from Jilin University of Technology. In 1997, she received the government special allowance of the State Council and was awarded the honorary title of National Outstanding Contribution Middle-aged and Young Expert in 1999. She is now the General Manager of Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd., the Member of CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee, the national outstanding middle-aged and young worker, the national Model Worker, the medalist of National ‘May 1st’ Labor Medal for National Excellence in Technology Work.

As a professional leader in cotton processing machinery, she has been mainly engaged in the research and application of high and new technologies of cotton processing. With strong research, development and organization management capabilities, she took in charge of the “9th Five-Year”, “10th Five-Year” National Scientific and Technological Key Projects as Rice Combine Harvester, and Compete Set of Equipments for Long-fiber Cotton Processing, Silage Harvester, Compete Set of Equipment for Chestnut Processing, Rice Drying Equipment Series, and Potato Production Equipment, etc., for which she has received a number of National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress. The Research on Main Parameters of Cotton Dryer, Research on Efficient Roller Cotton Gin and  “Research on Technology and Equipment of Long-fiber Cotton Processing” won the Second Prize of Machinery Industry Technology Progress; the Experimental Research on New Cotton Gin Box” won the Third Prize of Award for Scientific and Technological Progress of National Machinery Industry; the research and development of long-fiber cotton processing technology and equipment and the establishment of a pilot plant was awarded the Third Prize of National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress.

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