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Expert introduction

New century talents Engineering National--Li, Shujun

Prof. Li, Shujun,  born in 1962, received his Ph.D. degree from China Agricultural University. As currently the President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS), he serves as the Doctoral Advisor and Chief Expert of CAAMS and the high-level expert in science and technology of China National Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH) in 2010 and national candidate for 2007 New Century Talents Project. In addition, he is also the Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM), Vice President of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Vice President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, President of Packing and Food Engineering Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, President of Agro-product Processing Branch of CSAM, National Representative of the International Association of Food Engineering (IAEF), Executive Board member of the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR), and Vice-Chair of the Bioprocess Branch of CIGR, the President of Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering (AAAE), member of National Agricultural Machinery Standardization Technology Committee, China's Chief Expert of agro-products processing under the Protocol on Cooperation in Agricultural science and technology between the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.China and Department of Agricultural of the USA, and an expert in the expert group in modern agricultural technology in Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development.

He has long been engaged in the application researches of high and new technologies in agro-products, agricultural sideline products and food processing, including vacuum technology, refrigeration technology, high pressure technology, microwave technology, etc., and has especially acquired extensive knowledge in potato processing and fruit and vegetable processing. Enjoying a high reputation both at home and abroad, he has also acquired great achievements in theoretical research and product development and engineering of agro-products and food processing machinery. The research outcomes he achieved include one Second Prize for Chinese National Science and Technology Progress, four awards for Scientific and Technological Progress at ministerial levels, five Second Prizes and one Third Prize, more than 40 papers in the international and domestic academic exchange activities, 21 Chinese national patents (including 4 invention patents), and supervised 25 Ph.D. and Master candidates. He has been awarded the Advanced Worker in China National Agricultural Science and Technology, the Advanced Individual during China National Ninth Five-Year Plan, the Young Expert with Outstanding Contributions to China Machinery Industry, and Outstanding Youth of China central government departments.

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