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Expert introduction

Doctoral Tutor--Wang, Zhi

Professor and doctoral supervisor Wang, Zhi, male, born in 1963, received his doctoral degree in Engineering from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences. He is currently the Chief Engineer and Professor of Special Mobile Machinery Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences and Beijing Golden Wheel Special Machine Co., Ltd., the member of Basic Technology Committee and the member of Harvesting and Processing Committee of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery.

He has long been engaged in researches on product development and technology application in harvesting machinery and special vehicles, with profound academic attainments and a wealth of practical experiences. He has presided over or participated in a lot of R&D projects such as the Self-propelled Combine Harvester with Multi-roller, Combine Harvester with Lateral Axial Flow, Combine Harvester Technology with Longitudinal Axial Flow, Airplane Tractor, and Telescopic Boom Forklift. He successfully applied ground mechanics and electro-hydraulic joint control techniques with multi-degree of freedom in the field of China's aviation ground support, and carried out many researches and explorations in the form of vehicle shape, hydraulic drive, hybrid power, digital design, structural reliability, and three-dimensional simulation. He has published over 50 papers, supervised 10 Ph.D. and master candidates, obtained a number of innovative achievements, and won the Beijing Golden Bridge Award and Hebei New Product Award.

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