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Expert introduction

Doctoral Tutor--Yang, Shikun

Prof. Yang, Shikun, born in 1954, is Professor, Doctoral Advisor and Vice President of CAAMS, and President of Hohhot Branch of CAAMS. He was selected as a high-level expert in science and technology of China National Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH) in 2010. He is currently the Executive Director of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM), Chairman of the Animal Husbandry Branch of CSAM, Director of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the Machinery Industrial Animal Husbandry Machinery and Wind Mechanical Products, Chairman of National Standardization Technical Committee for Wind Machinery, Director of National Engineering Center of Animal Husbandry Equipment, and Director of National and Local Joint Solar Drying Technology and Equipment Engineering Laboratory.

He has long been engaged in research and enterprise management in animal husbandry equipment and utilization of wind and solar energy, and presided and participated in more than 40 research topics and projects, with a number of scientific research achievements applied in batch production in the livestock equipment industry. He has been awarded the Outstanding Youth in Science and Technology by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry in 1992, and the  high-level expert in Science and Technology of China National Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH) in 2010. He is now the Chief Expert of the 11th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program Modern Grassland Animal Husbandry Equipment and Facilities Development, as well as the academic leader of CAAMS in forage harvest processing and application of new energy and a well-known expert in livestock engineering in China. His research achievements include eight Scientific and Technological Progress Awards at provincial and ministerial levels, twelve national invention and utility model patents, more than forty papers in domestic and international professional journals and academic exchange activities, and a book titled Forage Production Machinery and Equipment.

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