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Expert introduction

Chief Expert--Han, Zengde

Prof. Han, Zengde, born in 1963, received his B.S. Degree in Engineering from Jiangsu Institute of Technology in 1984. He has been selected as a high-level expert in science and technology of China National Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH) in 2010. He is currently the Chief Engineer of the Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd., and the Chief expert, Professor, and master candidate supervisor of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS) and has been granted with the Special Government Allowance since 1999. In addition, he has been the former County Mayor of Xunxian for technology in Henan Province, and the former Deputy Director of Institute of Harvesting and Processing Machinery of CAAMS.

Since 1984, he has been engaged in research and development of the harvesting machinery, and was responsible for more than 10 projects of ministerial level. The main research and development results obtained include, the research and development of a variety of head-feed rice combine harvester, such as 4LB1.5 type head-feed rice combine harvester, and 4LG-1 type suspension wheat combine harvester, 4M5 type self-propelled cotton picker, 6MDY-400 type hydraulic packer, 4YZ244 type self-propelled non-breaking maize combine harvester, 4LS4 type self-propelled vertical double-axial flow rice-wheat combine harvester, 4NZ22 type self-propelled energy forest combine harvester, wheel and crawler hydrostatic drive chassis series, etc. Among them, the “4LB1.5 type head-feed rice combine harvester was awarded the Scientific and Technological Achievements Prize of National Ninth-Year Key Programs for science and technology, development of head-feed combine harvester won the third prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, 4LG-1 suspension wheat combine harvester won the third prize of Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award, Implementation Plan of Scientific and Technological Agriculture Comprehensive Development in Xunxian County, Henan Province was awarded the third prize of Science and technology progress of Ministry of Machinery Industry, and Key Technology and Equipment Development for Moderate Scale Management in Agriculture” won the First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

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