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Introduction of Major S&T Outcomes of the Academy since 1998

1. Biological compound fertilizer processer

It can sterilize organic fertilizers such as excrement of livestock and poultry, soddy soil and river mud, through high temperature, and then mix them with beneficial solid nitrogen, phosphate-solubilizing and potassium-solubilizing bacteria, inorganic fertilizers and microelements for granulation after drying so as to produce excellent biological compound fertilizers, which are new-type fertilizers that can improve soil quality, increase fertilizer efficiency and increase agricultural productivity. Main techniques: drying, sterilization, crushing, mixing pelletization. 0.5-5 tons / hour series products have been developed.   

2. Chicken manure drying equipment

It is capable of processing fresh chicken manure into pellet feed or hi-efficiency organic fertilizers through processes like drying, fermentation, sterilization, deodorization and pelletizing, it is a product that can turn the waste into the useful and solve the problem of environmental pollution. The product mainly consists of the solar greenhouse, the mixing dryer, the ventilation system, the high temperature drying sterilizer and pelletizing machine, etc. The series equipment for chicken farms with 30-100 thousand chickens has been developed.   

3. Poultry slaughter waste treatment equipment

It can process, through steaming, drying, sterilization and other processes, bowels, feather, heads, paws of chicken, ducks and geese as well as dead poultry after slaughter into food with the absorption rate of over 70% and containing 65% of protein and 18% of fat. Series equipment for slaughter processing plants with the capacity of 500 chickens / hour, 1,000 chickens / hour can be offered.   

4. Medium and small-sized grain dryers  

Four series of grain dryers have been developed, respectively with the processing amount of (1.5 tons / batch, 3.0 tons / batch, 4.5 tons / batch and 6.0 tons / batch). The dryers are with the power of 2.54-3.37 kw; the drying rate of 0.8-1.5% / hour (rice), 2-2.5% / hour (wheat); heat consumption of 1,000-1,800 kcal/kg. water. By using multiple power energy sources with advanced technology in the country, the grain dryers adopts circular drying, and filled up the blank of medium and small-sized grain dryers in China.   

5. Dehydrating fruit and vegetable processer  

This processer is a drying equipment developed according to the grain drying principle based on our researches on the preservation characteristics and theories after dehydration of multiple fruits and vegetables. It has been successfully used for the dehydration and drying of multiple fruits, vegetables and sea products. Over 60 sets of the equipment have been widely applied in the food processing industry. At the productivity of 60-120 kg/hour, the supporting power of the product is 11.4-23.7 kw.   

6. Chicken waterer series

It mainly consists of nipple-type waterer, solution box and pipeline. With improved nipple structure and material, the waterer features good tightness and performance with the long service life of 5 million times, achieving top level among domestic products of the same kind. It has been used in over 500 mechanized poultry farms in China which take up over 1/3 mechanized poultry farms of the whole country.     

7. New feedstuff bulking machine    

Divided into dry and wet structures, it mainly involves processes of feeding, heating, bulking and cooling. After puffing, the feedstuff may become easily absorbed with the urease index UA of 0.02-0.2 and the gelatinization degree of over 85%. The main performance of the equipment has reached the world’s advanced level in the early 1990s. Since being launched to mass production, it has been introduced by over 50 feedstuff plants in Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Henan, Heilongjiang and Shandong, etc., having made considerable benefits.     

8. Vibrating slag-off filters and filter discs  

As a crucial equipment in the processing (decolorizing process) of purified edible fat and oil, it directly affects the oil quality and processing efficiency. Adopting advanced and unique processing technology, it can improve product quality and service life. Furthermore, the filter disc features little distortion after use, high filtration quality and low costs, therefore, the product is technologically leading in the industry of the country.    

9. Spreading machine recovery and wearing parts production

Most spreading machines widely used for road construction of the country are imported from Germany and other countries, which has made the repair of the hydraulic transmission and control systems as well as the supply of wearing parts like tread shoe difficult to solve. CAAMS has made great progress in the study of various hydraulic elements, system mechanisms and technologies for troubleshooting, repair and localized mass production of wearing parts. In recent six years, CAAMS has signed over 200 technological contracts, imposing great impact on the engineering and machinery industry and achieving distinct economic and social benefits.    

10. Windlass wheat seed spacer

As a unique invention, its seed sowing device is a key component for space drilling (dibble seeding) of wheat. It features precise and even seeding and saving seeds, etc. CAAMS has developed series products for 3, 6, 9, 18 and (16) row seeding spaces for animal power, walking tractors, four-wheel tractors and medium-sized roller tractors, which are under mass production in nine provinces and municipalities of China.  

11. Fe-Cr-Mo alloy welding powder for high-frequency overlay welding

It is a non-self-fluxing metal welding powder containing fluxing agent. Adopting mechanical crushing mix processing, it features simple technique, easy material use and low cost. The service life of crushing knife adopting high-frequency overlay welding powder is over twice that of hardened steel of 65Mn and 45, and the cost is only 1/5 that of iron-base self-fluxing alloy welding powder. This technology has achieved good effects in cutting blades of agricultural machinery and overlay welding comb sieve plates and other fields in metallurgy.  

12. Evaporative Pattern Casting for ductile iron pipe 

It combines vacuum airtight model with lost foam casting in the production of ductile iron accessories. Adopting expandable polystyrene (EPS) bead module and non-sand penetration molding, the casts are made by casting under negative pressure. It features capacity to suit multiple specifications, multi-piece casting in one box, fine surface quality, precision of casts and high output ratio, etc. It has been successfully applied to the production lines for various cast tubes of DN600 or under in war industry departments (productivity: 20 boxes / hour) and achieved distinct effects.  

13. Research on greenhouse engineering agricultural environment and irrigation control technology  

[1] Greenhouse engineering agricultural environment: an environment auto-control system suitable for conditions of 600-1200 M2 greenhouse, such as temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 conditions was developed. The research scope includes: energy-saving control methods and control equipment for the environment parameters of industrialized agriculture, the software and hardware design for improving the precision and efficiency of environmental parameter control as well as connection and expansion of systems in large-scale intensive production. The key techniques involve how to control the manufacturing cost, operation cost and power consumption of the control system to accommodate the environment to the efficiency scale required for industrialized agricultural production. 

[2] Taking 600 M2 greenhouse as a control unit, our research contents include: greenhouse irrigation auto controller (lower computer), greenhouse control technology and equipment (hydraulic valve), greenhouse fertilizing technology and equipment. The key techniques involve how to reduce the manufacturing cost, operation cost and power consumption of the auto control system so as to improve the reliability and operability. The system has achieved advanced level of the world in the late 1990s.  

14. Research on main facilities and equipment in greenhouse  

This research involves the multifunctional cultivators, greenhouse film and framework materials. Key techniques: technical parameters of the chassis and whole unit of light-duty cultivators; tools and operating parts suitable for cultivation, ground making and cultivation management in the greenhouse; harmonious cooperation among main parts like cup-type rotary seedling planters, seedling pushers (supporters), opener boots and backfill compactors for vegetable transplanters. It has made up the blank of the country in this field.   

15. Key technology and equipment for peeling chestnut shell and seed coat  

This equipment consists of the chestnut classifying unit, nut skin processing unit, heat treatment unit, shell and seed coat peeling unit, shell and kernel separating unit, kernel gridding unit, auxiliary equipment and electrical control system, and the whole equipment adopts centralized electrical control. The core technology of the equipment is: nut skin processing - low-temperature heat treatment - shell and seed skin peeling, and features of the equipment are two layers of skins peeled at the same time; intact kernel ratio after shell peeling and seed skin peeling ratio over 90%; the processed nut kernel maintains the original color, fragrance and taste, ensuring the natural quality of chestnut kernel; it has high level of auto control in the whole equipment. Both this equipment and its technology pioneer in the country.  

16. Industrial production technology and equipment for cottonseed meal protein

This research has solved problems of fungi cultivated by microbe zymothchnics and features high detoxicating efficiency, short growth period and rapid growth. This research has determined the best processing parameters of cottonseed meal like temperature, humidity, tank pressure and detoxicating time during fermentation and detoxicating, technical processes, realization rate as well as auto control and display of values of humidity and PH, etc. We’ve analyzed detoxicating process requirements and researched and produced special equipment like breeding machines, mixing machines and fermenting and detoxicating machines, which feature high productivity, fine detoxicating performance, compact structure, economy and practicality. This packaged equipment is technologically leading in China, filling up the blank of the field in China, and has reached advanced level among the same category of products of the world in the 1990s.     

17. Long-staple cotton processing technique and packaged technology and equipment

Features of this equipment are: greatly improving the unit productivity of long-staple cotton processing and enhancing the doffing capacity of ginning parts on belt-roller cotton gins; strict control of processing impurities, reducing broken seeds during the processing; improving the blowing parts of belt-roller cotton gins; increasing the working surface and working times of the rotary knives and stationary knives, increasing the productivity of belt-roller cotton gins; increasing cotton loosening rollers and acceleration rollers, etc. to ensure lint quality. This packaged equipment is technologically leading in the country, filling up the blank of the field in the country, and has reached advanced level among the same category of products of the world in the 1990s.  

18. Industrial production technology and equipment for formula feed of straw husbandry

The overall goal of the special subject is to research technologies and equipment for industrial production of coarse base high-density mixed cake feedstuff with straw, to produce a kind of high-quality feedstuff for the industrial production of animal husbandry and to explore new methods for sufficient utilization of straw and the development of the “straw husbandry”. Features include conciseness, smoothness and practicality in design; the tableting machine adopting junction-point minus bias slide block structure ensures low friction and low energy consumption; high unit productivity, far higher than that of products of the same kind at home and abroad; new low-cost treatment technology of straw before the processing improves the nutrient value of straw by 5-10%; the consumption of concentrated cattle feed is reduced by 10%. The product has reached advanced level of the world in the 1990s.  

19. Technology and key equipment of drum dryer for industrial production of high-quality α starch

Key techniques: this project works on the best combination of parameters during the production of high-quality α starch for ell feedstuff, such as temperature, holding time, concentration, film thickness and drum speed, etc.; the technical parameters of the drum dryer and provides a set of advanced, practical and reliable production process for high-quality α starch, which has achieved international level in the early 1990s. 

20. Research on the comprehensive management system for basic data of processing quality of agricultural and sideline products  

Designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China with the project contract for special project fund for public welfare research, this project mainly works on basic data on quality, output, distribution, processing technology, processing equipment, producers, equipment manufacturing enterprises as well as related standards, markets and trade layout of finished product about agricultural and sideline products such as soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds, tea oil and milk. The establishment of the basic data management system for processing quality of agricultural products has laid a foundation for guiding agricultural production, development of the processing of agricultural and sideline products, formulating industrial policies and providing timely, accurate and all-round information. Therefore, it has crucial significance for the structural adjustment of agriculture and the sustainable development strategy of China. With scientific editing of basic data, advanced and practical design of the configuration and management system, the system is leading in the industry of the country.  

21. Research and production of low-temperature condensation and crushing equipment for condensed apple juice

Key techniques: high-efficiency apple juicing technology; research on high-efficiency defecating and decolorizing technologies of apple juice; defining and designing technical parameters for special crushers, separators, ultrafiltration and condensing devices for condensed apple juice; research on control technology for thermoduric bacteria during apply juice processing, formulating the HACCP technical procedure on condensed apple juice; research on the design and key techniques for the condensed apple juice production lines for industrial application. Outcomes of this research project are leading at home and abroad.   

22. Research and production of countercurrent extraction equipment of tea

Key techniques: packaged processing technologies for condensed tea juice centering on ultrafiltration and RO membrane concentration; technical parameters for countercurrent extraction and design technologies for countercurrent extraction equipment; technical parameters for tea separation and condensation with ultrafiltration and RO membrane and design technologies for ultrafiltration and RO equipment for industrial production of condensed tea juice; designing and constructing technologies for industrial production lines of condensed tea juice centering on membrane technology; maintenance and recycling technology combining enzyme treatment with membrane chemical rinsing.

This project has experienced stages of lab research, pilot plant test and demonstrative production line, and the obtained processing equipment for membrane processing of condensed tea juice as well as key processing equipment and industrial production lines designed and produced for this purpose have generally been mature technologically, ensuring high quality of the processed condensed tea juice. Outcomes of this research project are leading at home and have reached advanced level abroad.  

23. Preliminary research on key technologies of watermelon juice processing   

This project targets to develop advanced ultrahigh-temperature sterilization technology and equipment for watermelon juice, and study the production technology of natural watermelon juice as well as changes of nutrient elements and active substances in watermelon juice under ultrahigh-pressure; research on melon towel gourd crushers, melon juice separators and ultrahigh pressure sterilization equipment to build the testing equipment with a total capacity of 30 L; determination of the process conditions for ultrahigh-pressure sterilization of watermelon juice and protection conditions for nutrient and active substances in watermelon juice under ultrahigh pressure. The project is leading in the country in terms of technology and equipment.  

24. New seasoning ring-gap expanding ring for feedstuff

Key techniques: research on production processes and best process parameters, such as temperature, humidity, pressure and time, of different feedstuffs (for piglet and aquatic feed); the feeder can automatically adjust the dosage of feedstuff according to the working status of the main equipment; combining the expander unit of stable and reliable performance with existing feedstuff production lines to construct a representative and reliable demonstrative production line of expansion processor with reasonable overall layout design, which can produce premixed feedstuff, expansive sheet and expansive pelletized feedstuff. The equipment features novel and innovative structural design, which is leading at home and has reached the international level in the mid-1990s. 

25. Design of on-site remote metering system for agricultural machinery   

This project is intended to solve the installation problems of the testing system, refit the remote-metering vehicle, work on the installation of various sensors and structural design and development of the seeding monitor sensors; research on the special testing software for the remote metering system to allow the remote-metering vehicle to achieve real-time detection, data collection and processing, reporting and analysis, etc.; develop the previa signal equipment of sensors, signal processing soft retaining and transition interfaces; research on the measurement of torque, oil consumption, traveling speed and seeding precision to measure parameters like force, rotary speed, torque, oil consumption, temperature and humidity, etc.; design of wireless communication software; realizing dynamic monitoring and control of the whole measuring process after recording, calculation and display of routine testing parameters. This technology has reached advanced level of the world.   

26. Key technique and equipment for full-cyclone of potato starch

The full-cyclone equipment mainly consists of the cyclone separator, pump, the self-purging filter and desander. Adopting PLC auto control, it is used for starch paste separation during processing, saving the land by 58%, water by 40% and power by 40% over the routine technology. Furthermore, the price is only ? that of products of the same kind at abroad. The whole production line is fully closed, hygienic and free of foaming. The working station capacity is 25 m3/h, and the products have filled up the blank in the country with performance parameters reaching advanced level of the world in the mid-1990s. The production line with the capacity of producing 3,000 tons of fine potato starch annually has been completed in Shuozhou production base, China.  

27. Packaged technology and equipment for potato chips processing

The newly developed slitting shear machine, vibro-classifier, blanching machine, frying machine and deoiler feature simple structure and versatility and are suitable for the situation of China. The continuous quick-freezing potato chip production line operates stably and reliably and complies with the requirements for sanitation. With the productivity of 300 - 500 kg/h, it filled up the blank in the country with the performance indexes reaching advanced level of the world in the 1990s. It is applied on the demonstrative production lines in Shanxi Shuozhou and Gansu, China.  

28. New seasoning ring-gap expanding unit for feedstuff 

It successfully adopts the expander with high length-diameter ratio (patent already applied for), intermittent spiral, obstructing pin, shearing and guide trough in the expansion chamber, external pulling ring-gap adjustment and other key techniques as well as advanced control system. The supporting power is 90 - 150 kW, the productivity 6 - 10 t/h, the pathogenic sterilization ratio 100% and the starch gelatinization degree 50% - 80%, which is suitable for the domestic production scale of feedstuff. The technology is leading in the country and has reached advanced level of the world in the mid-1990s.  

29. Experimentation and promotion of machinery for paddy and dry farmland performance 

This project involves the testing, validation and promotion of paddy-field performance equipment and combined performance units of film removal and soil preparation such as high-efficiency broad and long-range mechanical spraying machines, combined harvester for paddy and wheat, semi-feeding combined harvester as well as new equipment like industrial breeding and transplanting equipment for corn and cotton developed according to the project of “Development of key technique equipment for agricultural operation at moderate scale”. Three large-scale field demonstration conferences have been held.  

30. Driven disc plough for upland field

Adopting rational structure and parameters, it has effectively solved the problems of plough entry as well as tilling width and plow depth stability. The driven disc plough is equipped with wall-type grass covering board, which has fine covering performance. The technology of this product is leading in the country, achieving international level of the 1990s. Working with 47.8 - 52.8 kW roller tractor, it is a new tool for promoting the return of straw to field and protecting agricultural environment.  

31. 1LS-200 combined performance unit for subsoiling and soil preparation   

Allowing combined operation of subsoiling and rotary tillage, it features innovative design of subsoiling parts. After tillage, the ground is subject to slight fluctuation and low energy consumption is achieved. The technology of this product is leading in the country, achieving international level of the 1990s. Working with 58.8 - 73.5 kW roller tractor, it is a new tool for conservation tillage.    

32. Combined performance unit for film removal and soil preparation   

Adopting new gear roller skinning element and the structure combining the air deflector and the impeller, it achieves smooth transmission of crushed membrane; and the self-excitation vibrating soil screening structure is a pioneer at home and abroad. The technology of this product has achieved international level of the 1990s. The one-off film removal ratio is 70% - 80% (surface) and 60% - 75% (plough layer). It is a new tool working with 37 - 47.8 kW roller tractor for preventing white pollution of the farmland.   

33. 2BSJ-18 deep fertilizing and precision seeder for wheat

Adopting controllable dense-tooth seed sowing device and innovative technology, it realizes deep fertilization and split application of seed manure with staggered coulter double-disk opener in the same opener and holds two patents. Working with 36.7 - 58.8 kW roller tractor, it can achieve the precision sowing of 6 - 9 kg/mu, fertilizing 5 - 25 kg/mu; displacement coefficient of variation ≤1.3%. The technology of this product is leading in the country, achieving international level of the 1990s.  

34. 3WX-1000 broad width boom sprayer 

Adopting star-shaped low-pressure high-displacement diaphragm pump, combined anti-drip sprayer, auto-balancing mechanism, auto display system of job parameter and other innovative technologies, it has fine sealing, anti-drip and anticorrosion performance. The technology of this product is leading in the country, achieving international level of the 1990s. Working with 47.8 - 58.8 kW roller tractor, it can achieve the spray span of 18/24 m, and the productivity of ≥8 - 10.6 hm2/h.  

35. Hi-efficiency broad and long-range mechanical sprayer   

Adopting the newly developed combined sprayer and hi-speed ceramic ram pump, it can lower the variation coefficient of mist distribution homogeneity to below 0.35 and improve the mist drop penetration by 1 - 2 times. There are three series of models - portable, stretcher and vehicle - that can meet different requirements. It has filled up the blank in the country with the technology leading at home and has reached advanced level in the world in the early 1990s. It is also an upgraded product.    

36. Low-quantity nozzle series

With research results on spraying performance and structural material, CAAMS has developed 28 fan nozzle and conical nozzle of four series, which feature even mist quantity, small error and low cost (1/10 of that of foreign products) and high precision, and are suitable to be used with diversified spraying equipment. Its technology is leading at home and has reached advanced level in the world in the early 1990s.  

37. Packaged equipment for industrial seedling raising and transplanting

Adopting the overall pit pressing mechanism for seedling raising, rotary-track disc-type seedling feeding mechanism, ball-pressed injector and other innovative designs, this product is technologically leading in the country and has reached advanced in the world in the 1990s. The seedling productivity >20,000 seedlings (pots) / hour, with the supporting power of <15 kW; the transplanting productivity is 60 seedlings/min-row. The production base in Anshan, China has reached the seedling raising capacity of 50 sets/yr and the transplanting capacity of 500 sets/yr.  

38. Auto irrigation technology and equipment system for greenhouse agricultural production   

The technology is practical and novel and compliant with the situation in China. It pioneers to adopt the STD bus modulization and Chinese interface and has applied for patent; the fertilizing pump is water-driven and needs no other power, which helps solving the problem of mixing ratio of solution to water. The system is technologically leading in the country and has reached advanced level in the world in the late 1990s.    

39. DPP-300 lateral move sprinkler

Equipped with features firstly used on domestic models, such as 50-meter-long girder, CJ-130 wheel decelerator, bridge-type low-pressure refraction nozzle and smart electronic percentage timer, it has strong resistance against interference. The sprinkler has fine accessibility and achieves the spraying uniform coefficient of 91%. This equipment is technologically leading in the country and has reached advanced level in the world in the 1990s. The supporting power is 34 kW, the overall length 296 m and the spraying rate 120 m3/h.  

40. XYP-80 (75) suspension long-range sprinkler

Adopting the largest rotary horizontal swinging arm sprinkler with the diameter of 100 mm and the self-priming centrifugal pump (flow = 130 m3/h, delivery lift = 82 m), it has filled up the blank of the country. In addition, it adopts two new technologies, auxiliary nozzle driving and elastic diverters. The technology of this product is leading in the country, achieving international level of the 1990s. Working with 58.8 kW crawler tractor, the control area of each setting is 1.02 - 1.45 hm2.  

41. 50HP self-propelled semi-feeding rice combine harvester   

It pioneers in the country to adopt the computer self-check system, as well as other technologies including hydraulic stepless transmission, auto feeding depth adjustment mechanism, auto alarm, auto shutdown, dual-driving cutter and re-peeling of tailings, etc., thus realizing self-check, control and working status monitoring. It has strong adaptability to drowning, low-stem rice and paddy field with diversified treatment methods for stems. Furthermore, the cost is only 1/2 - 1/3 that of foreign harvesters of the same kind. Its operating performance has achieved advanced international level in the 1990s. The productivity is 0.26 - 0.46 hm2/h.  

42. 4LZ-1.6 combined harvester for paddy and wheat

Adopting new threshing cylinder, separating notched board and sorting screen components and other advanced technologies in the country, it has strong adaptability to high-yield and humid paddy and wheat. The harvester features light weight and fine accessibility in paddy field, and has achieved the performance indexes of advanced level of the world in the 1990s. The cutting width is 1.6 m, the feed quantity 1.6 kg/s and the productivity 0.25 - 0.5 hm2/h.  

43. Dual-purpose tractor for paddy and dry field   

It is equipped with front and rear power transmission axes, front hydraulic suspension system and running gear for performance in paddy field. Its rated power is 58.8 kW, oil consumption≤238 g/kWh and max. traction force 29 kN.  

44. 4YX-3 suspension combined harvester for corn 

It has pioneered at home and abroad to adopt the cutting table stem crusher and self-unloading ear box hydraulic control technology. The snapping devices on the snapping plates and stem-pulling roller have little damage to the grains; with the stem-pulling roller equipped behind the lift conveyor, the stem arranging effect is fine. This product is technologically leading in the country, and has achieved international level of the 1990s. It can be accommodated to the row spacing of 60 - 70 cm and three harvesting rows, and when working with 58.8 kW roller tractor, the productivity can reach 0.26 - 0.52 hm2/h.  

45. 9QS-8 self-propelled harvester for green fodder    

The fodder is equipped with two kinds of cutting table; infinitely variable speeds; cutting table, feeding mechanism and crushing drum available to be connected rapidly. The crushing drum is equipped with self-grinding device for blades and can continuously complete harvesting, crushing and catapulting. It has filled up the blank of the country. The technology and performance of this product has achieved international level of the 1990s. With the engine power of 150 kW and the feed quantity of 7 - 8 kg/s, it is suitable for 3-row (corn) and the breadth of 2.5 m (pasture cutting table). And the price is only 1/6 - 1/2 that of products of the same kind in the international market.  

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