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Modern high-tech manufacturing enterprise: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS), founded in 1956, was transformed into an S&T enterprise directly under the leadership of central government in 1999. It is a modern high-tech manufacturing enterprise group with the self-innovation as the drive and high-end products manufacturing as the main business, integrating science, industry and trade. The business scope of CAAMS covers seven areas of modern agricultural machinery, agro-products (food) processing and packaging machinery, renewable energy equipment, special equipment, exploration, engineering design and construction, and media. It is one of the first innovative and hi-tech enterprises in China.

Open and mobile national platform: CAAMS has one national-level key laboratory, two national engineering laboratories, two national engineering technology research centers, two national quality supervision and testing centers for agricultural machinery and tools and food machinery. It is the chairman unit of Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance for Agricultural Machinery Industry (TIPAAMI), Technology Innovation Promotion Council for Food Machinery Industry (TIPCFMI) and Capital Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance for Biomass Energy Industry (CTIPABEI) respectively.

Build the four-in-one innovation system of industrial chain: For improving the technological innovation chain and extending the industrial development chain, the implementation was systematically arranged and the four-in-one technological innovation system was built. The system has the characteristics of the following four points: Level of technological core with national key laboratories as the support; level of technological transformation with National Engineering Technology Research Center as the backup; level of technology extension with industrial technology innovation and service platform as the center, and with the joint mechanism of manufacturers, universities and research institutes linked by the Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance.

  Industrial distribution and market network across the country: With gradually improved high-end equipment manufacturing industry bases and market pattern, CAAMS has formed five industrial zones, twelve industrial production bases and one logistics technology park in the east, west, south, north and center of China where a number of products are manufactured with hi-tech and high value-added products, supplied over 3000 agricultural mechanical products to the society from harvesters to farming machinery, plant protection and water saving machinery, biomass energy and agriculture products processing machinery, etc. Large scale grain combine harvesters, large scale sprinklers, high-clearance cultivators, precise and efficient sprayers, precision seeders, high-speed rice transplanters, smart cotton pickers, forage harvesters, potato harvesters, straw harvesters and others have occupied the forefront of the market. The transformation, extension, promotion and application of such high level products and technologies surely met the urgent need of Chinese economic development and modern agriculture.

International exchange center of Chinese agricultural machinery industry: CAAMS has created an international development platform with international cooperation and communication as the carrier for technology and products export, established extensive communication and cooperation with over 40 foreign academic societies, international organizations and technological research institutions and enterprises in over 80 countries. With the Asian Association for Agriculture Engineering (AAAE), the editorial office of CIGR Journal (Journal of International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering) settling in CAAMS and the building of the International Agricultural Equipment Cooperation Base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China, CAAMS has become the international communication center of China agricultural machinery industry. Relied on the mature technologies and the capability of constructing complete integration projects, CAAMS established an agricultural technology demonstration center in Zimbabwe, managed an internationalization mode of exporting the integration technology.

Qualified R&D team: CAAMS is one of the first institutions to grant doctor and master degrees, set postdoctoral research working station which has a professional team with complete academic disciplines as well as the rich experience in research, design and manufacturing. Now, CAAMS has 7432 employees, including 3427 staff with higher education background, 258 researchers, 478 staff with associate senior titles and 76 leading experts receive special allowance awarded by the Chinese government. They are in the areas of tillage, planting, harvest, irrigation-drainage and water-saving, plant protection, animal husbandry, agricultural products processing, biomass energy engineering machinery and related material technique, hydraulic, structural strength and other research areas. They trained and educated a large number of professionals with impact in agricultural industry and excellent senior management talents.

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