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II. Reform and Adjustment (1986~1999)

In the late 1980s, CAAMS became a pilot organization of national scientific research system reform, first implementing the cut of operating expenses within three years and starting the transformation from a pure research institution to the type of scientific research and business.

In September 1992, CAAMS was approved as a “scientific research organization oriented towards agricultural public service and based on various types of research” and received a certificate specifying the reduction of scientific operating expenses. The Implementation Program of Key Points of CAAMS Deepening Reform was formulated. National Technical Committee 201 on Agricultural Machinery of Standardization Administration was set up, with the Secretariat at CAAMS.

In October 1994, CAAMS became an “Accredited Laboratory for Agricultural Machinery under State Import and Export Commodities Inspection Bureau of China”.

In March 1995, CAAMS was approved by State Scientific and Technological Commission and State Bureau of Technical Supervision as a “National Testing Organization for Detection and Identification of Scientific and Technological Achievements”.

During that period, by specifying its new orientation as “Take Scientific Research and Talents as the Basis and Focus, Promote Industrial Development and Serve Agricultural Industry”, CAAMS aims to attach great importance to four points (key scientific research projects, scientific research infrastructure, talents program, and basic construction), establishing five systems (fundamental scientific research, product development, industrial clusters, diversification, and industrial service systems), and speeding up the pace of economic self-reliance.

In 1997, CAAMS and Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute jointly established the “National Research Center of Agricultural Modernization Equipment”. Later, Oil Machinery Equipment Design Institute, Water-saving Irrigation Engineering Equipment Center, and Potato Processing Technology and Equipment Engineering Center were successively set up.

In 1998, Standardization Administration of the PRC approved the establishment of “Standardization Technical Committee for Farm Vehicles” (later renamed “National low-speed Vehicle Standardization Technical Committee”), with the secretariat at CAAMS.

In December 1998, State Administration of Machinery Industry approved the merger of Hohhot Animal Husbandry Machinery Research Institute with CAAMS.

In July 1999, with the approval of the State Council, CAAMS was transformed into a large-scale scientific and technological enterprise directly under central management. The Ministry of Science and Technology approved the formation of National Research Center for Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Technology based on the support of CAAMS.

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