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I. Establishment and Development (1956~1985)

As the predecessor of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (hereinafter referred to as CAAMS), the Agricultural Machinery Institute under the First Ministry of Machine-Building Industry was founded in October 1956, and then developed into the Academy of Agricultural Machinery Science and Technology under the Ministry of Agricultural Machinery in 1960. In 1962, after restructuring with the Agricultural Mechanization Institute, which was founded in August 1957 and affiliated to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, CAAMS was formally set up. Since its establishment, CAAMS has built up various fields of research such as agricultural machinery, livestock and poultry machinery, agricultural mechanization, application and maintenance, materials technology, electrification and technological e experimental evaluation, and technical information.

In 1963, the Agricultural Machinery Experimental Station of CAAMS was set up on the basis of Beijing Xiaowangzhuang Experimental Farm.

In 1965, a number of ministerial agricultural research institutes, including Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Institute, Jiangxi Paddy Machinery Institute and Guizhou Mountain Machinery Institute, as well as a group of experimental stations in Yilan, Nanchang and Ewenke, etc. were all incorporated into CAAMS. The research work of the agricultural machinery (or mechanization) institutes, ministry-subordinate colleges and universities, and agricultural machinery factories in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions was centralized under the management of CAAMS. CAAMS started to set up its first branch in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. At that time, an agricultural machinery research system, covering from the central to local provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and including comprehensive and professional research, began to take shape.

At the end of 1971, the First Ministry of Machine-Building Industry merged Machinery Academy, Electrical Academy, and CAAMS into its subordinate Machinery Academy. The operation of CAAMS was incorporated into the Agricultural Machinery Institute under the newly established Academy.

In November 1977, the organization was renamed “Agricultural Machinery Sciences Academy of the First Ministry of Machine-Building Industry”. As a ministry-subordinate comprehensive agricultural machinery research institution, the Academy was responsible for organizing agricultural machinery research, managing the Agricultural Machinery Institute with dual services, and providing technical guidance to local institutions and professional experimental bases specialized in agricultural machinery research. It also undertook the research, development and standardization of major products, key technologies and fundamental theories of agricultural machinery.

In June 1978, Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute and Luoyang Tractor Research Institute were determined to be under the leadership of the Agricultural Machinery Sciences Academy.

In 1978, CAAMS began to recruit graduate students.

In March 1979, the Academy was restored to the name “Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences” (CAAMS).

In February 1980, the Agricultural Mechanization Institute affiliate to Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was renamed Beijing Agricultural Mechanization Institute, of which the daily work was managed by CAAMS. In 1983, the Institute was merged into CAAMS, co-led by the Ministry of Machinery and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and directly managed by the Ministry of Machinery.

In September 1980, Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Institute and Inner Mongolia counterpart were managed by CAAMS.

In November 1981, CAAMS was officially approved by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council as a qualified organization to grant doctoral and master degrees in Agricultural Machinery Design and Manufacturing.

In 1983, CAAMS set up Scientific and Technological Information Institute, Test and Computing Center, Farming Machinery Institute, Harvest Processing Machinery Institute, Energy Irrigation and Drainage Machinery Institute, Hydraulic Technology Institute, Food Machinery Institute, and Hydraulic Component Factory.

In 1985, CAAMS became the direct technical managing organization for Committee of Agricultural and Forestry Tractors and Machinery of International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC23) in China.

In July 1985, CAAMS was approved by the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry to set up “Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for China’s Agricultural Machinery Products”.

In August 1988, CAAMS was approved by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision to establish “National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Agricultural Machinery”.

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