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   1. Visual Identity 

  Interpretation of the Identity of the CAAMS

The main figure of the identity is a circle derived from the first letter “C” of the abbreviation "CAAMS", the English name of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, which incorporates a gear on the inner edge, representing machinery and letting people associate with a wheel rolling forward, which symbolizes the feature of agricultural machinery. The vividly portrayed wheat ear at the upper right corner embodies serving agriculture and implies the vigor, unity and struggling spirit of CAAMS staff.

The identity adopts blue as the main color and green as the supporting color. Blue symbolizes wisdom, science and technology, and green symbolizes nature, vitality and energy. Both colors, closely connected with the two distinct features of “science and technology” and “agriculture”, embody the development goal of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences for scientific innovation, being half a step ahead in the industry to achieve a benign cycle of supporting industry with science and technology, rewarding scientific research with industry and build a new aircraft carrier of agricultural equipment in China.


  2. Cultural Ideas 

  Developing agriculture with superior equipment, carrying forward the 5,000 years of agricultural civilization;

  building a hi-tech and farsighted academy to make a great contribution in agricultural development in the new century.


  Building a new aircraft carrier of China’s agricultural equipment


  Practicing good virtues, being honest to the radical, keeping on making efforts to grow stronger


  Innovation, all-win efforts, pursuing excellence


  Unified planning, unified layout, unified research & development, unified manufacturing, and uniform sales


  Ideas determine way out, attitude determines everything, speed determines efficiency, details determine result, and quality determines existence


  Action determines position, no merits is a fault


  Researches as the basis of the academy, talents for vitalizing academy, industry for strengthening the academy and culture for building the academy


  Provide people with due respect, opportunities, and favorable conditions for development

  CAAMS takes “Practice and Timeliness” as the core of corporate culture and seriously fulfills the social responsibility

  Developing for staff

  Development depends on staff

  Staff share the development achievements

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